Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A few days ago I did some tinkering as I am want to do- I bought some etching cream designed for people to fancy up their wine glasses and applied to it the usual dose of inappropriate use of tools (one thing about being pioneery is that you have to use tools for things they're not designed for.) In this case it wasn't too much of a stretch- this cream is for etching glass and that's exactly what I did with it.

It wasn't exactly the power house of frosty permanence I was looking for. You're supposed to brush it on and leave it for about 5 minutes, then wash it off. I brushed it on then left it- for 5 hours. Because I completely forgot about it! I went off and made a cake, because that's what I usually do while I'm waiting for some toxic stuff to finish doing something fun in the laundry.

The pink ones show obvious frosting, and I'm pleased with that- on the right you can see their original condition.

The green bicones here you can see have barely frosted at all. The frosted ones are on the left- I think...

Here's some Czech leaves- all it's really done here is strip the colour off (frosted ones are on top), but that's okay because they're now original at least, and they have a snowy feel to them.

So that was mildly successful- I shall do more of that later. And for funs, here some random shots of my desk:

Technically these were a couple of days ago, my desk is now awash in thoroughly uninspiring (to me) elements as I bag up the final mountain of destash.

I feel lately that my blog posts are somewhat sober and uninteresting. It's funny when I look through my blog, I think 'if someone wanted to get an idea of who I was, they'd end up with a pretty skewed picture just going from this!' It's not that the blogs not me, it is- but well, it's a bit of a Disney version. In real life I'm buckets of fun! Here I'm probably a bit too professional for my own good.

While I make attempts to remedy this, here's a few things about me you don't see exhibited here:

1. I swear like a dock worker. Not every second word; let's just say I cruise permanently on Billy Connolly mode. I try to get creative with my cursing when I'm in losing my patience with something, though that usually ends up with me just muttering a string of obscenities. Being within earshot of me is not for the faint hearted.

2. I like bloke's movies. People assume because I'm a girl and I'm wearing pretty floral print things and generally being nice that I'm going to want to see some heartwarming tale about some woman moving to a small town after a divorce and falling for the local half-her-age who drives a beat up truck. No thanks! I'd much rather something with explosions, aliens, car chases or all of the above.

3. I'm a domestic diva. Keeping house is probably my number one biggest hobby/passion, to the point where I'm trying to find a way of making an income out of it. I like being at home- baking, housework, decorating... it's all my bag, baby. I don't see any reason what so ever why people can't have a lovely clean and nice looking home no matter how poor they are. I live on the poverty line and I've managed it well.

4. I feel like I'm the only person involved in 'nostalgic retail' who doesn't want to go live in the past. 'Born in the wrong era' is not applicable to me. To me the past is a dull, unhygienic, labour intensive, repressed misery devoid of TV and internet (and electricity if you go back far enough). What I like best about being alive now is that I can pretend it's the 1940s or 1840s or whatever, and then once I've done that for a few hours I can have internet and TV. I love the design of things made in the past, and though I do think there are some things that were nicer then (people had better manners/fashion/attitudes about life), I doubt even a certain bow-tied chap in a police box could get me to go back there for more than a day trip.

5. In my previous internet life, I used to write fictional stories about certain well-known pirates and wizards. They were fun and did wonders to exercise my writing skills since writing with known and popular characters gives you an instant world to dive into and an instant audience to get feed-back from. I wrote mostly pirate stories- so many in fact that I can be informally credited with inventing a commonly used term in that fandom. And no, you can't see them!


Greer said...

Try multiple applications of the etch cream, this may give a better result. If you can get your hands on hydrofluoric acid this will really etch, but it is nasty nasty stuff. Read the MSDS sheets first.

fanciful devices said...

wait, wait- what term in that fandom? TELL ME!
Also, what's up with the hyper-tidy desk? I assumed you made big messes like me. how is that fabric under everything so damn clean??? my surfaces are covered not just in dust and dog hair but also rust powder and tiny globs of dried e6000. and tiny bits of wire. and love.

NuminosityBeads said...

I find that "Etch-All" liquid works much better than etching cream. I buy it through Frantz Glass Supply.
xoxo Kim

Jessica Marie said...

Amen to number 4, sister. Give me penicillin, tylenol, condoms, central AC, and the internet. Sure I *dress* like I want to be a wood elf, but I'm much too dependent on toilet paper to try that out.

amth13 said...

I'm less Billy Connolly and more Father Ted when it comes to swearing. Gonna have a go at the etching, looks cool.

Gaea said...

I'm with you on all point except the house work! Your work is exquisite! Yippee ki yaaa....

Linda said...

I always love wearing a fabulous accessories. It would be great making beads like that and create a wonderful designs to wear. I admire your creativity and fashion.

Jeff said...

Nice post which A few days ago I did some tinkering as I am want to do- I bought some etching cream designed for people to fancy up their wine glasses and applied to it the usual dose of inappropriate use of tools.In which It wasn't exactly the power house of frosty permanence It was looking for.Thanks a lot.