Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shop Update - more soft shade lovelies

More lovelies available in the shop:

love token - bohemian bridal earrings with vintage chain, pearls and lampwork drops from numinosity.

fire seed - orange bohemian earrings with lovely vintage beads and Bollywood bangle scrap

Prairie - vintage doily scrap brooch and an age-worn antique button

ice and snow - vintage tin earrings - these are two of the beads I got from shipwreckdandy, paired with some antique tin I've painted. I've been doing a lot of that, I shall blog about it later.

pink salt - organic metal earrings; more painted tin and some gorgeous ceramic beads from potterygirl1 - it's been a long time since I've made something I kinda sorta don't want to sell!

Star - another doily scrap brooch - found a bunch of these bases in the bottom of a box, so I finished them up watching after-dinner TV. I can't just sit and watch TV, I got to have something else to do otherwise I feel like I'm wasting time!

Unicorn blood - some more of my large double hoop earrings, this time in pretty sugar pinks.


I've also been putting as much time into the antique/vintage supply shop as possible- I'm on a mission to get all my excess things cleaned out by the end of the year, so i have to list list list! Thankfully in weather like todays (grey and rainy) it's not too much of a burden to sit at the computer with a nice big cup of earl grey and make beautiful photos. Especially with a few homemade cookies in the deal!

mmm toffee oat crisps.


Alice said...

So lovely! My favorite is the 'Unicorn Blood' earrings.

If I had some extra cash I would clear out most of your vintag supply shop. I'm really thinking hard about those album pages.....

amth13 said...

Wild and windy over here I could do with some of your cookies. Loving the lacey broaches I can see those adorning a winter coat.

Emakesart said...

I just found you through the Fanciful Devices blog. Man you ladies are talented! Love your jewelry to bits!


Jen said...

lovely. Miss Penny. lovely!

toffee oat crisps ... oh. my. did you make these? care to share?

Corvid Delights said...

Those cookies want to be over here in my belly. Your latest run of work is so captivating and beautiful. Lovely shabby boho goodness. Fireseed and pink salt make me swoon!

Jackie said...

Indeed, those cookies look yummy for my tummy!!! Love the earrings, I hope your little vacation was lovely!!

...Jackie xo

fanciful devices said...

more and more beautiful. perfect pairing of rustic w/pretty. sigh....