Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Halfway out of the dark

Okay so I spent all day in bed today, which is massively rare for me, but has to happen on occasion right now in order for my brain not to fall down. I still worked- made a textile rope and watched Dr.Who and Top Gear. I'll show you the rope tomorrow cause the sun has gone away now and I refuse to photograph in artificial light.  

So in lieu of a picture of WIP, here's some wise words from one of my spiritual guides:


Seriously though- I feel something has changed within me this week. Perhaps no coincidence that we recently came through midwinter here, but I have felt that this last week or two have been the lowest point. Things are expanding, growing- reawakening. Even though today was an official doona day there was a spark of energy in me. And because the universe likes a laugh, I selected a random Dr.Who episode from the computer to watch earlier while I worked. The episode chosen was a double whammy of synchronicity - that being A Christmas Carol (using Dickens to get to me! Genius!) and the theme of midwinter itself. Or as the good Doctor put it- simply as being 'halfway out of the dark'. Hey- good title for a post!


artistic rejuvenations said...

OMG! those spirit guide bits of wisdom are hysterical. love the penguin one. lmao. can't repeat it to the little one asking me what's so funny. thanks for the laughter. imma in a bit of a funk myself and needed that! glad you're feeling better day by day. cheers!

Beatnheart said...

Maybe what you need to hear is just how much you are needed by us( me). I am going through similar things and always have been my whole life. I struggle with depression and have to sometimes fight my way through life. I never received much encouragement from anyone until now and hooking up with youse guys( Fanci's posses) has aided and helped me on so many ways. My struggle is no where near what you have been through... So if you can make it so can I...also I think we encourage each other to carry on. I have always been so competitive becaus elf my insecurities ... I feel like I am worthless... I'm way too emotional... But how can I use this to help me because I am so over it... Why am I so afraid of using my talents and exposing myself