Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm the Indoorsy type

Well guess what, there's no supply lust photos to share today! No, I spent all afternoon moving my jewelry desk inside. It used to be out on the back porch, with the upside that this was my view:

But as lovely as the view is, it wasn't exactly peaceful now that next door have decided to wack a jolly great extension on their house and do rather a lot of hammering about 100 feet away from where I'm sitting (where I'm doing enough hammering for all of us, thank you). Also it's the middle of winter here, and to put it bluntly- bloody freezing. So back porches are no place for sensitive artists with a recovering collapsed lung, especially if they want some peace and quiet to get in the zone.

I've still got a small desk out there where I can do all the noisy/smelly/messy stuff like hammering, painting, drilling, enamelling, soldering, painting etc, but inside is for quiet contemplation and re-arranging of elements. And warm lungs.


sue said...

I think you have done well to manage outside this far into Winter! Lovely view so I can certainly see the appeal. Nice to be toasty warm inside and no doubt warm lungs are happy lungs!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Yes, happy lungs to you, and merry making too.