Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bombs away

Light beam - eco friendly jewelry - artisan earrings - pink metal - painted wood - rustic romantic

Light beam -  pink metal and painted wood

Pink and yellow, my favourite colour combo! I love the contrast of soft wood and shiny metal.

prosperity - shabby romantic necklace - antique button - vintage fabric scraps - eco friendly jewelry
prosperity - shabby romantic necklace

A bit of a return to the old ways with shabby textiles and antique button.

Venus of War - rose quartz and citrine glass earrings - artisan jewelry - feminine primitive
  Venus of War - rose quartz and citrine glass earrings

 dark relic-like metal and pretty feminine rose quartz.

housekeeping - vintage skeleton key necklace - rustic assemblage - feminine primitive
 housekeeping- vintage skeleton key necklace

I resisted using keys in my stuff for a while cause I don't like to jump on the 'everyone else is doing it' bandwagon, but you know- sometimes these things crop up and I think 'ta-hell with it, I'm doin' a key.'

Willendorf - primitive romantic earrings - vintage beads - tribal rustic
 Willendorf - primitive romantic earrings 

Put these together in an attempt to be minimalist- they remind me of round ancient fertility statues.

Cloud Sister - artisan earrings - hammered metal - stone beads - primitive modern
 Cloud Sister - artisan earrings

These are a great example of how you can transform ordinary elements. I'll show you that in my next post.... ooooh mysterious.

By the way- some of you who have automatic subscriptions to this blog may have seen a very short post recently that's since gone. It was a draft for an upcoming article about the ethics of handmade jewelry- I hit publish by mistake! Think of it as a very short preview. :D


Alice said...

I've stayed away from the vintage key fad as well for the same reason, but secretly want to use one in a piece.

I love everything you made but my favorites are the earrings. The clasp on the prosperity necklace is cool.

fanciful devices said...

im the same what about watches. the key (get it) is to use it in a way that is true to you. like, maybe dont use the factory-made ones that say 'wonder' on them. those suck. but they are a vintage element that is beautiful and abundant.
i love all of these!!!!

Kimberly said...

I hear you about the keys. I was using them for awhile and then stopped but I think fanci said it right about using them in your own unique way.
I did happen to have tried to stop by that vanishing blog piece that day too!
It's great to see you up an at'em again with lots of new special pieces. I think I can never get tired at seeing your newest earrings.

shelly said...

i love shades of pink in the first pair of earrings... i was looking at pink beads tonight... your work is fascinating and i aspire to be as talented as you!