Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I've been listing like a mad fiend again! 

 Iron City - assemblage metal earrings - tribal sci fi - primitive modern
Iron City

Mankind - modern primitive earrings - chandelier crystals - driftwood - 18k gold

Remember the old days when you'd get 3 or 4 a post? Not any more! I'm making almost as much as Fanci now (though not quite, because I need sleep).

Early birds - romantic rustic earrings - pink hammered metal - crystal quartz - tribal sci-fi
 Early birds - pink pink pink!These might be more pink in real life than they are in the photo...hmm.

All flowing waters - cluster charm necklace - mother of pearl - tribal sci fi
All flowing waters - I like these delicate pieces with the cluster charm thing; I tried doing those great big heavy ones but they weren't feeling right - don't worry, they'll show up at some point, possibly as custom made-to-order listings.

World's End - rustic labradorite earrings - modern primitive
  World's End - amazing huge labradorite beads in here

And now, as previously talked about--- cuffs!

firelight - slim vintge textile cuff - vintage bangles - stacked bracelet set
 Firelight - I've had this thin one half-done forever so I finished it as a nice little bangle stack, simple but with plenty of texture.

Wallflowers - salvage textile wristcuff - vintage lace - vintage button details
 Wallflowers - I think this one is my favourite, I love the floral prints and the over-repaired stitch work. Must make more of these.

 Dust of ages - salvage textile wristcuff - vintage lace - ceramic button detail
 Dust of Ages - featuring a seriously pretty button by the lovely Birgitta from Lejonklou, who sent me a few things in the mail a very long time ago because she's a sweetheart.

 On the Moon - vintage paper collage - astronomy poem - book page altered art

I've also re-listed a few collages and photographs that were previously in my old shop that I'd completely forgotten about until I cleaned out the bookcase (yes, I throw away books! I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't think books are some kind of sacrosanct. I mean they're nice n all, but you CAN have too many. ie what don't fit on the bookcase, goes.)

Trophy - curated still life - natural history - limited edition - 8X10 photographic print
 Trophy - a popular print in the old shop, I actually didn't realise I had any left! But I found 4.

Lovers - 5X7 unmatted photographic print - dried plant - nature portriat - ONLY ONE

Lovers - only one of these left! ONE! This is because I don't print my photos off like a vending machine, I prefer to have limited runs so they're more special.

On the Moon - vintage paper collage - astronomy poem - book page altered art
I like the poduct shot of this one perhaps more than the collage! Which is saying something because I looooove the collage. Love love.


Alice said...

I've never seen 'dumpage' more beautiful that this! World's End is beautiful, as are the cuffs.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Yummy mad fiendishness! So enjoyed all this delicious eye candy.

Flotsam Tide said...

So many beautiful things! I love Firelight, Wallflowers and Dust of Ages. You make the most wonderful cuffs and textile pieces, I have missed them so. Hooray on the makings you are a glorious talent.

Sea Witch said...

Love Love Love your work.

13 said...

Love the layering and detail in those cuffs, they speak of dreams and travels.

fanciful devices said...

sooooo goooooood! ah, i had missed you so.
but you know, its not that i don't need sleep, its that i dont clean/cook/bathe/etc. its pretty awesome.

Kimberly said...

Wow look at all that new stuff. Nice to see you're getting all prolific again.
Those cuffs....mmmmmm, yum. Really love them.
perfect alchemy of softness, shabbiness and texture with just the right amount of vin-bling

Blackwillow Boho said...

An awesome assemblage of photos that is just so inspiring.