Thursday, February 28, 2013

A change is as good as a holiday

Here are a few more photos from my trip to Castlemaine, back in January. It's hard to believe it's only been a month since I was up there. I rather miss it; it's a great town full of heritage, antiques and vintage. Not to mention the most amazing supermarket I've ever been to. 

Those two rooms above (and the kitchen in the second image) are from the local historical house- a beautiful old place set up in modest Edwardian style with lots of lovely natural light.

This one's not Castlemaine but a nearby town of Kyneton. They really need to paint over this sign with a new one- 80% of those shops are now gone! Which was a real let-down, the whole street is billed in tourism circles as being an antique shoppers paradise. Not so! Only 1 antique shop that I recall (or at least the only one open) and it was the kind of place where the cheapest item is 3 figures. We went to Kyneton to see the steam-operated flour mill and bakery, as well as the historic house. The house was shut that day, and the mill completely gone! Just a big empty building doing nothing. There was a cafe but it was drowning in 'bull nosers' - upper class older people from the city, who live in large Victorian house (with bull nose verandahs, hence the term) and seem to only dress in white. No surprise as it's apparently an award winning cafe. Which I take to mean 'no ginger beer'.

There's something so relaxing and peaceful about holidays- I suppose because you're away from everything, there's no responsibilities or jobs to do except have fun and spend money, both of which I am very good at! I really need that sense of home though- I don't like hotels and I can't stand camping, I like having a little cabin or cottage where we have the run of the place, I can pretend I live there. I really need a proper kitchen in order to be comfortable.

I'm not doing anything here worth reporting- making, listing new things in the jewelry shop, asking the big questions about my life and getting a half-hearted shrug from myself in return. I'm not taking that as the definitive answer though, and will be spending this weekend forcing myself to answer a few things! I want to revamp the jewelry shop and pump some new inventory into fagin.

Asterion - salvage tribal earrings - faux enamel metal - antique beads

Speaking of the jewelry shop... here's a secret sale for all you dear blog readers out there. Use the code JUNKYARD in your checkout cart (put it in the coupon box or it won't work!!!) to get 50% off your order. YES! 50 percent. Hurry up though, cause it's only good till Sunday night. Which is the Australian Sunday, so probably your Saturday afternoon. No reserves, no lay aways, no minimum purchase required - just half price!

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