Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gone too long

Ahh..my little art blog, I have neglected you already! It was an ill-chosen time to start you really, right at the crux of my first exhibition in ten years. But it's all done- I pulled it off, and now the works are in the gallery being appraised by all eyes. It's my turn to man the show tomorrow, so I can get some shots of my pieces up on white walls. The opening went well, alot of people admired my work and approached me to say how much so. Very heartening.

What have I learned from the experience? That you cannot rush art. That you cannot force it or make it happen, no matter how strong it is inside you. That if you try to do those things, you'll ruin it.

Now that the exhibition is up and the heat of creating enough pieces in time has cooled, I'm finding myself being interested in other people's work again. I've needed a few days break from the cliff-jumping insanity that was the last month and in that time (5 whole days..!) I wasn't interested in art in the slightest. Being sick (a result of the overload) didn't help either. But now things have calmed. A tarot reading I did the other night recommends I not start any projects till next year, but work on sweeping the shells of old ones out the door first.

I wonder if I'll hold to that? You can't force art, but you can't keep it away either.

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