Friday, December 21, 2007

Inspiration- Flickr spotlight

I've decided I'm going to start spotlighting people from Flickr every now and again. There are loads of blogs (some dedicated to that exact purpose) but I find all their photos to be a bit ordinary- though many of them are lovely, none of them have what I really like; that grungy, gritty, well used and long-forgotten feeling. Abandonment and neglect, decay versus survival, The dying soul versus the fighting heart.

Anyway, my first spotlight is on yyellowbird.

I only found her about 48 hours ago and I feel like faving her entire stream! I especially like her abandoned houses sets, especially the ones using models. Usually I hate when people use models in these kinds of environments, because they invariably end up being some sort of fetish goth girl, which does nothing for me at all. But Yyellowbird's girls are pretty and rustic, fragile in summer dresses and loose cardigans, but the occasional solid pair of boots and confronting stares often swing it in a completely opposite direction. They suit their environment perfectly.

I think I like that survivalist nature -like Tank Girl or Red Sonja. I like that aggressive fragility that wild animals have, as if they're saying 'yes I hurt myself, but if you try to help me I'll bite you.' I think I see that in abandoned house too- they've been left alone for so long, but they've not yet given up and fallen down. Motto for life, really. :)

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