Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Nightingale, the Robin and the Lark

I think it's about time I posted an entry that pertains to my work, rather than the gorgeousness of others.

One that didn't make it to the show- at the last minute it stopped talking to me, but now that I've had space and come back to look at it, I think it works pretty much as it is. Maybe a bit of glitter wouldn't go astray. ;) I try not to use glitter much as I feel it's a weeny bit overdone, but sometimes...sometimes you gotta have it. Glitter is your friend.

The poem in the centre is made up of cut-out questions from a vintage set of children's Encyclopaedias:

Is everything a part of Nature?
Are there diamonds in the sky?
Why has a cherry a stone inside?
How far can a butterfly fly?

Is there a reason for everything?
What makes the fire change colour?
Why does a bird not fall to the ground?
Should we like one friend more than another?

Where do bats go in the daytime?
Why is the tongue of a moth so long?
Why are we never satisfied?
Does a bird always sing the same song?

I gleaned the questions from several different volumes, chose the more poetic ones and just re-arranged them till they rhymed. Apparently they were questions asked of the author by real children. I love how deep some of them are, and reading the answers I actually learned things, which is something from a set of books considered to be outdated. Some information never changes.

I've also finally designed my business card:

The design is a close-up of one of my pieces recently exhibited. It includes a handwritten poem from a text book of the 1930s, dried weeds from the village garden, antique buttons, a snippet of military jacket and a snip of a vintage Admit One ticket.

I love everything about it, and it represents my work perfectly- handmade, vintage, salvaged, a little bit antique and a little bit faery. Later tonight I hope to also do my blog banner, Etsy shop banner and matching avatar. (Self-imposed) deadlines are moving closer...


facingthetrend said...

What a neat business card. I love it

zoembie said...

Lovely work... that type of collage always leaves me weak. I'm really looking forward to the opening if your Etsy shop - your post in the forums led me here!

elizabeth // sevenbridges

Robyn said...

I've decided to read your blog like a book...from beginning to end. Your business card is so beautiful and from what I have seen in your blog , it suites you very well.