Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tarnished silver and stained book paper, that's what Dickens girls are made of.

My dear little's been far too long since I updated here. I must resolve to make this a daily habit.


Works in progress for the upcoming Etsy store are now strung around my Edwardian dressform in a tangle of trinkets and chain. I call them Works in Progress because my process is usually to do a 'base' (of which these are) and then come back to each one as I find new pieces, changing and re-arranging the elements.


This has always been my process, in everything I create. Doing my box works is the most involved variant of this; once something has been glued down, there is no going back, so the decision is even more loaded.

etsy work3

Let's hope I don't get too picky, these all need to be done by January's end. (Self-inflicted deadline.)

I also made up some great papers for collage last night. I had been dying some fabrics a lovely riverstone grey, and just as I was about to flush out the last of it in the bottom of the sink, I had a sudden notion to get some of my vintage endpapers and press them against the water.


I love how the age spots still remain; the bleeding and trickling of the dye brings out all kinds of shapes and characters in my cloud-spotter's imagination, I should think I will have no trouble drawing them in.

The colourings are pure chance and a bit of a mystery- the dye was grey (admittedly a purple-based grey) and there was a tiny bit of navy blue added later. The navy blue was a pre-mixed dye from over two weeks ago- sometimes I just can't bare to throw it out, even when it's spent!


This book cover one I am particularly pleased with. The circular part was where the plug hole was. Straight away I knew what this one would be- above is the dark woods, and down in the circle a rabbit and his family are all cozied in their burrow.

I don't know about the small stain on the other side. Looks a little like a fish, wrapped in dandelions.

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