Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not an inch was left bare, not even the ceiling had mercy...

Tabletop landscape in the apartment of J. Morgan Puett and Mark Dion, from the Rebecca Purcell book Interior Alchemy

Having made up my mind to move back to the city for a year or two (long story), my mind has- in it's naturally over-enthusiastic way- started decorating my new sharehouse bedroom. And to which, we go looking for inspiration.

'Story' -a concept fashion and interior design store in Spitalfields, London; created by Ann Shore.

Bedroom wall here at the cottage.

I've always been a maximalist really- when I was a teenager I asked for the smallest bedroom in the house and proceeded to decorate it with everything I owned on display- as well as branches and leaves (how my mother shook her head at my carpet strewn with leaves and glitter!) and whatever my Dad would permit me to take from the shed- a huge hulking beast (the shed, not Dad!) stuffed with 19th century bits and pieces waiting to be restored.

Rebecca Purcells' studio- another scan from Interior Alchemy (it's the best book ever!)

I must say what a joy it is to think that once again I get to stuff as much of my stuff as possible into one room. I love cramming things in, I love over-the-top collections and I love small rooms with open shelves and everything on display.

Some people see this style as claustrophobic or cluttered. I feel nested in these environments, safe and secret, like a ring in a hobbit's pocket. I have slight agoraphobia as well, so that might account for something. Plus I have a very absent minded way- if I can't see something, I forget I own it. Being an assembladge artist means I need to see all those elements in order for them to be considered!

Flim still from A Series of Unfortunate Events- Unlce Olaf's house is a dream of decayed glamour.

I really am a Weasley at heart -my ideal house dream is a bid old crumbly rumble-down mansion somewhere, with about 8 other people.

This aesthetic is I think an outward extension of my work- or rather my work is an inward extension. I have an inate need to take a small box and pack it full of tiny things.

Work in progress- antique postcard with mixed media including a rat skull, mirror shards, garlic skins, buttons and paper scraps.

I start out minimal and very design-orientated, and then one more thing goes in, and another, and another, and soon there is a tiny wonderland of Dickensian faery groves, and it makes me feel safe.


lostintheforest said...

I just wanted to thank you for sharing those images & links - they're all so beautifully crammed with things!
I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog....I found it earlier today and the window has been open ever since waiting for me to have a moment to read it! But anyway, I'm so glad I did!
Your artwork is beautiful!
Good luck on etsy! (oh dear I do like to overuse the !)!
Emily x

Robyn said...

Love, love, love this work in progress! Have you read Fools's Gold by Susan Wooldridge? She has a need to assemble in boxes the things she discovers on her walks. A healing process for her.