Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art Exhibition

Finally I have access to come of my exhibition shots! They're mostly close-ups of the installation- and no long shots. After all this time I'm not so hot on how it came out as a whole, but elements are great. I should also mention that these aren't my shots- they were taken by a friend. The lighting wasn't very condusive to photography (oddly) so only a few came out well enough to show.

The Wonderful House- 1920s silk and velvet robe, dead roses, vintage floral trim, mixed media shadow box, chain, plastic deer, antique fur tails.

I can't remember what this one is called! I don't think it has a title, I made one up on the spot for the catalogue, but otherwise it's just...untitled. Fabric, acrylic, embroidery and sticky tape on book paper.

Ourselves- book paper collage in a vintage frame, decayed lampshade fringing, reconstructed vintage clothes, found objects.

Margueritte- mixed media including chandelier crystal, silk fragments, pottery shards, paper grass and an antique postcard enclosed in a vintage frame; decayed 19th century trim.

Margueritte displayed next to The Fall of the Romans- mixed media assemledge in an antique frame, mounted with reconstructed vintage clothes.

The following shots are all close-ups of the major installation piece: some media include paper moths, antique lace, scavenged weeds and dried flora, mummified rat, book pages, antique letters, broken pearl jewellery, crystal drops, vintage christmas decorations, a 19th century funeral card, bird's nests, a broken chair and an Edwardian wedding gown (not seen- I'll post a pic of it at some later stage).


beatriza said...

your work is truly incredible. congratulations!

: the art of living : said...

Lovely! Makes me wish I could see this in person.