Sunday, March 23, 2008

Inspiration- supplies

Over my Bones- vintage paper scraps, book pages, framing plaster, rusted wire and dried rose leaves under frosted glass, vintage frame.

I intended to do a bit of shopping for the necessities tonight and then get back in the studio for some more paper collage. Oh how we can fail. Fail, fail fail. I've been looking at supplies for hours! And not because I can't find what I want, which is my usual problem, but because I've found too much!

I'm trying really hard not to ignore the gas bill, but copper chain and age-stained lockets are so much nicer...

The best bit about shopping online is not only can I do it in my pyjamas, but I get to see alot of other stuff too, which gives me great ideas for new pieces. And I stumble across other things too, like books and blogs, which open my world up to new artists, who gives me new ideas...

Blessed is he who invented internets.

Here's another collage before I go. Click on this for ultimate big-size, I wanted you to see the texture of the papers.

Sorry about the watermark, for some reason I thought I should use one.

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thealteredpage said...

Love the combination of colors. Great layering too.