Saturday, November 22, 2008

Black is the new everything

Last week I finally remembered to buy some black dye, and did up a small group of doilies and laces in the coal colour. Black is rapidly becoming my favourite colour. It's traditional for me to revert to a rather gothic state of mind in the summer time- I can't tell whether it's my stubborn denial of Australia's climate or the spiritual link to my Celtic shores is so strong it means my body lives by Northern Hemisphere seasons.

My total favourite black thing right now is a strand of raw tourmaline I bought from a fellow Etsy seller catdancingranch:

(Image from seller)

It's like little lumps of coal, I'm wanting to make some jewellery pieces that mean you can now give for christmas a lump of coal to people who you feel deserve it!

I'm also in love with these Victorian jet nailheads from beadbrats:

(image from seller's store)

They're so deliciously tiny! I had to have them. I also had to have this beautiful lace edging from

(image from seller's store)

...these tiiiiny black covered buttons from fabrichouse:

(image from seller's store)

...and these amazing midnight slab beads from CaladoniaMarch:

(image from seller's store)

...and these black brass sash stampings from

Oh! so much beauty (so much shopping!) - now I'm all inspired! For a visual soundtrack to this post, I recommend watching the BBC's recent rendition of Bleak House or reading the original (which is pretty heavy going!).

Illustrations from an original publication:


hens teeth said...

Exquisite 'black' choices.
The Beeb's Bleak House ~ is a feast for the eyes and soul. Totally and utterly wonderful in every sense.

Michelle Brunner said...

Those illustrations are beautiful! Black is so is everything!

Gunnels blog said...

very elegant findings, these black things!

RowanDevoe said...

Yikers! I am so excited by all of this! Wow! I can't wait to see all the dark goodness you creat with these fabulous finds! There is a fabulous warehouse near where I live that has tons of antique stalls. I try to visit often and just scream when I find a nice big bag of Victorian jet bead findings! Yippee! How inspirational-love Bleak House as well-the book and the new BBC version. Please stop by my blog and pick up an award!

Ederafaerie said...

Wow, a great mix of inspiration and interesting supplies--I can't wait to see what you come up with! I just bought some tiny French Jet nailhead beads from beadbrats so I can continue my also current obsession with black and jet jewelry--thanks for the link to it!

Martine said...

Love your blog ................ and your tast!

RowanDevoe said...

ooh, Love this handsome gentleman in your icon! Where can I find a guy like that?

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks again for all your inspiration! And have fun looking at the blogs-it is part of your research for your work and that is a good thing right?!
merle of RowanDeVoe

Lorie M. said...

I enjoyed the PBS Bleak House too..Your black choice are wonderful! The lump of coal necklace it a great idea.(I'd take it!)

virginie said...

lovely i can t wait what will come up with all this, everything is very inspiring and i m sure you will create some new unique designs....

Martine said...

I tagged you but don't worry if you have no time.

Lost in the Forest said...

I love black too. I was thrift +shopping this afternoon, wearing all black no less and a man pretty much shouted at his wife and told her she was not allowed to buy black things as they were 'funeral attire'. way!

Jen Crossley said...

I love the black as well so elegant.