Thursday, November 6, 2008

Warm and Cold

Warmth! A luscious treasury from chapulin-I'm beginning to be really jealous of the fall over there! Autumn is without doubt my favourite season of them all.

Prayer for Ghosts- salvage brooch new to the shop today.

So many ghosts, and forms of fright,
Have started from their graves to-night,
They have driven sleep from mine eyes away;
I will go down to the chapel and pray.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Sweet Repose said...

Ooh, I like the theme 'prayers for ghosts', perfect color combinations with the little bits of tatting. I love it. You certainly have an eye for putting them together, I love the bit of torn linen...way cool!.

Little Sparrows Nest said...

Splendid brooch!
I chose to read Longfellow for a literature balladry in middle school... a distinct memory blending of anticipation with some fine poetry! The cuff reminds me of how white I must have appeared in front of the audiance as I read 'The Children's Hour'...

Little Sparrows Nest said...

I just had to have one of the delicate white brooches, 'Pure but never simple'... lovely and so right for moi!

Thank you kindly!

Robyn said...

Love the Prayer for Ghosts brooch and all the wonderful images you post.