Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ever onward

It's here

Were we all looking forward to it? Welcome 2009, a new year, a new adventure.

Thank you very much to all the wonderful and heart-felt comments on my last entry, it really made a difference to me to see all of your words. :) I am feeling better lately- a combination of having a holiday from the shop (haven't really had one since I started, so it's probably wise!) and staying with friends.

I'm probably the only person in craft blog land that doesn't get particularly excited about Christmas. I love the imagery, but I'm just not with it enough to get in there with handmade decorations and what have you (all of you who do manage impress the Dickens out of me). I didn't even hand make any presents this year, I was just too busy developing the shop and to be brutally honest too self-absorbed in my own mind. This year was the first Christmas where my depression made it hard to deal with things...usually I can just shunt it aside for a day or two, but this time around was a real uphill battle.

Never-the-less, I did enjoy the day immensely; good hand-made fresh food using all organic and natural ingredients courtesy of my wonderful Aunty and her girlfriend- domestic goddesses to no end! My Dad set himself firmly at the top of the pile, gift-wise (though we say every year 'no presents') -by giving me a banjo!

I'm so excited- I've wanted one for ages but only actually mentioned it to him once, I'm surprised he remembered! It's a lovely creature, 5 strings, super shiny black finish and the most glorious sound. It's mildly frustrating not being able to break into the Foggy Mountain breakdown right away but these things take time. I need to find myself a decent beginner's book and I'll be off and away.

I've spent the whole period from Christmas Eve to now in the city with family and friends, and taking a break from the shop has been very strange. Not going to Etsy every day, not being in the studio , not listing and selling and stitching... It's as if I've been thrown into a different world; like the fantasy films where children are a part of a magical adventure, and then are eventually delivered back into the ordinary world...a pauper once a prince. I have enjoyed my break though- not seeing my studio for over a week I'm looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow, hopefully to see it with all new eyes.

As an aside, I was contacted this week with a very exciting new project in offer. I'm very much looking forward to doing it and will reveal more when appropriate. :)


emma lamb said...

here's to an ecxiting new year penny, i hope it's everything you want it to be :)


RowanDevoe said...

I so know how you feel. I was looking at other folks work and blogs with their gorgeous holiday pieces and posts and all I could think was, "when will it all be over?!". Don't get me wrong,I really thought what other artists have made and that their Holiday blogs are gorgeous but I just can't do it or feel that joy for some reason! Every year, I do a new painting of a Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow White, an Ice Queen and if I can manage, a new doll of Saint Lucia. This time of year has always been really depressing for me. You are not the only one and it sounds like you have been under extra stress too. I think we all have our own "Holiday" time-sometimes it is different than the norm and sometimes this can make us feel down if that makes sense. Maybe May-Day is my thing? Faeries and May-poles and ribbon? Sounds right.

Anyway, the banjo is divine! My mom has one and plays it and is teaching my 6 year old nephew. Of course, since she is my mom, I took up other instruments, but I secretly want to play it now and the fiddle! But, I got hooked on the harp but something that would travel would be fun.

Wishing you the best. I think getting out of the studio is good. I feel bad when I do take a break because I take comments like, "your job is so fun! you get to play with art all day!" to heart and think that means I don't need a break but we all do! Wishing you a wonderful 2009-let's make a plan for when Dec. rolls around so the black dog doesn't bite you again(like make everything the opposite-seriously-you are onto something with that black and 'coal from santa' idea-brillant-we can start a 'Scrooge'Group especially and relish in those feelings instead of feeling bad about them)!
take care!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hello little sparrow!!! I'm so very glad to see your post! Happy new year dear one....I'm so excited about you feeling better and your new project too! We have much to be thankful for in this new year ~ wishing you all the best always ~ xxoo, Dawn

Lorie M. said...

wow, what a nice gift. I was thinking how some people just know what you will like. It's nice when that happens..and I know what you mean about the holidays. I like them, but I like them over too..

Judy said...

Glad all is well. Everyone needs a break and definately time away from the studio - helps one regain focus and new inspiration. Love the banjo - great pressie.