Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wherein a girl becomes Ebeneezer

My mother sent me an email the other day confirming I should 'get my skates on' re: saving money, as we will be going to England in December!

Crossed Wires by Art Crimes

I am very excited about this- I went to England 9 years ago- the moment I had stepped onto the ground at Heathrow I said to myself 'I have been on holiday in Australia for 26 years, finally I am home.' All my life I've never felt so close to a country as I have to England, something in it knocks at my soul, wrenches at my blood, pulls at my heart.

The plan is to go for Christmas as my younger brother is currently there. I don't know how long Mum plans to stay but I've saving with 3 months in mind. I aim to treat it like some sort of Artist In Residence plan- I'll still be running the shop while I'm over there, making Fagin treasures with nothing but what I find after I get there. There will be photography too, oh yes!

From my last visit- Stonehenge

In an effort to get my skates on re: the saving up, I've set myself a goal to have 8 grand by December. A ticket to England costs a massive amount of money, and then there are other expenses. Likely as not, I'll spend all my money on antique textiles and market-found bits, and I'll have to get a job at some point. I don't mind pulling beer at a pub, since I'm Aussie and that seems to be our native habitat in the UK! (My brother runs one over there, if that's any kind of proof.)

Recently purchased wooden keys from pork chop show.

As a consequence, every dollar that goes into my Paypal from now on goes toward the England fund. Well...occasionally I might have to buy supplies. I mean you can't just put the Scrooge on everything, can you? A girl needs supplies. These beautiful keys- carved from wood; a spin on something that's become a craft-world staple) above are for a new line of products I'm working on...all will be revealed soon enough. (I say that alot lately don't I? I'm such a stinker.)


lorhen82 said... I would love to go to Europe! You're a lucky girl! I'm sure that putting the Scrooge on things will be worth it. ~Lori

hanne~ said...


Crystal said...

A girl does need some supplies now and then! What a great thing to be saving for. I'll have to enjoy it vicariously through your posts!

RowanDevoe said...

What fantastic news! So glad you will be somewhere cold and wonderful for Christmas! I had to laugh at the title of this post-my mom always wanted to name a son "Ebenezer" and my dad says that why she didn't have any! I named one of dogs that though and happily went by "Ebbie" his whole life! Yay for you! And, you are a stinker, but I love your magic way too much to hold that against you!

Jen Crossley said...

How exciting for you I hope the dollars roll in

Parallax said...

Oo! 3 months in England, how exciting!

Beth Quinn said...

how exciting to go to England !!! I love your new blog banner and your new updates !! they are wonderful !

Snowberry and Lime said...

That sounds pretty exciting, what a great motivation to save up for. :)

I almost bought these keys a little while ago myself, but I needed them to be waterproof, so I passed - curious to see what you will create from them though!

Best wishes from cold Germany,