Thursday, January 8, 2009

Think think think, that's all I ever do- and then there's you.

Being that I've been out of the studio for two weeks, my mind has been firmly set on my other big life project- the re-assessment of myself. It started about a month ago with a simple overlooking of my life; old habits, outdated ways of thinking etc. I ended up completely un-ravelling my identity, leaving myself a tangled mess of uncertainty. I didn't know what I wanted out of life, who I was, what I believed. Luckily I was strong enough to know what I didn't want for myself, and via a process of elimination managed to build myself back to the foundations.

Being an artist, one of the foundations I use to define who I am is my visual style, so that's been given rather a bald spring clean. I've not been spending too many moments thinking about my art work but I think that's because I've not seen the studio in the last fortnight. In my head I see my ideal works- unfortunately not in the sharpest detail so I can't easily copy them out into reality, but i do have themes colours etc. Scrolling back through my sold section on Etsy I realise I've been making stuff that I love dearly, and that is aligned to my personal style...but not purely so.

So I was going to have a huge clean-out and get rid of loads of clutter I don't really need, get back to the purity that I want. But just when I thought I was straight and narrow, someone came along to make me think. I have recently become enamoured of a British TV presenter who also writes books and newspaper columns, and I find him so critically interesting (as well as terribly handsome) that everything he talks about makes me think.

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It's a little bit odd, but it's been rather a long time since I've known anyone who can make me think so much purely on the strength of their opinion...I really have never met anyone like it, actually. Never have I know someone to so radically get inside my head and make me want to see things in another way. Not necessarily in agreeance, just... to think. I feel once we meet, (as some day we surely shall) I'll want to talk and talk and talk, and my head might blow up from wanting to know his thoughts on everything in the universe, everywhere, ever. It's most infuriating, seeing someone on TV and hearing all their ideas, but not being able to get to them and they're so...interesting.

Anyway- he recently talked about his love of colour and the brilliant madness of the way nothing in his house matches. And suddenly I find myself remembering how I love the way Indians decorate their trucks, and the Mexican way of hot pink and volcanic orange...and once again I am lost.

Not such a bad thing, though.

* Most of my inspirational links have been via my most recently discovered blog, but I can't remember for the life of me which one it is! This only serves to illustrate how chronically absent-minded I am, because it's a beautiful blog that I trawled all the way through, loving everything. Tell me if you think it's you!


Half an Acre said...

James May!!!!! Top Gear presenter! one of my favourite programmes! Did you know he won a HEAT Magazine 'wierd crush'award?!
I can't see the attraction myself BUT you are certainly not alone in finding him that way!!

RowanDevoe said...

this is so hard! i will want to clean out everything and sometimes i do-radically. then, a week later will want that thing that i just threw out! i have rented dumpsters and thrown out loads of stuff and regretted it. i am trying to embrace my love of many different styles, eras, colours schemes, cultures and just go with it. i also kind of need everything out so i can remember what i have! maybe "organized" and "put away" is overrated!

Katlandia said...

I get completely neurotic thinking about personal style, mostly when it comes to art-making. I just keep items that I love around my house, because I can't bear to part with something just because it doesn't fit in with a curated look... so there is a bit of clutter. On another note, have you seen ? The clothes feel so... steampunk faerie rockstar to me. I'm glad I cannot fit into anything they make, otherwise I would have no money left. (However, looking never hurts)


Over the last few years I've opted for very little color too. I used to love rich color pallettes of Morocco and India, of Gypsies and Frida Kahlo! I think it has something to do with my mental landscape...

Lately I favor neutrals and subtle shades of nature. I needed to clean the slate so to I could start to organize my mind. And it's working actually. I'm slowly adding color back into my life... The only thing I regret is throwing so many things I once loved away. Next time I will just pack things away...

*When you remember your new favorite blog, please post a link!

Happy New Year! xo Lavona

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the wild raspberry said...

your pictures are beautiful and your words, so thoughtful.