Friday, January 22, 2010

Gimme a break

Items in this set:
Arsenic & Old Lace "Genieve" cropped wool jacket, $615
Patch Work Tiered Skirt, $43
KG Sesame Womens Shoes & Boots Online, 150 GBP
Carla Mancini 'Peace' Tote
Iosselliani 7-Stack Ring Set in Gold & Silver - Zoe, $305

It's funny that in the art world an artist is never happy, not me anyway. A good thing though something of a curse, because when you're happy all the time you get bored, and when you get bored you stop, thinking there's not much point on going on if there's no adventure, no challenge.

Immortal Spies

Lately I've found myself really dragging on the creative front. I've been wanting to get into soldering stuff for some time now but wayward finances has made that difficult. I keep plugging on with the textiles, while every day I feel more and more like I'm just going through the motions, making what I make because...that's what I do.

I've been looking around for seomthing new- I feel the skin is ready to be cast, I've grown out of it and yet here I am still bound in its dry, too-small encasing. It's like having one foot off the stepping stone and not being able to see the next one, do I take a leap of faith and hope that something's there to catch me, or do i just stand still until something swims into vision?

Ancient Astronomy

Anyway- artistic ramblings aside- I've decided to take a bit of a break from jewellery. No more cuffs, brooches, necklaces or earrings for a month. The ones you see above are the last additions to the shop for sometime. I'm going to be working on clothing, hats, belts and bags, as well as 'proper' art like assemblage boxes and paper collage.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of weeks I'll be clawing at the bead boxes, ravenous with the desire to churn out cuffs and necklaces. If I do then more so the better, because it means I will have lost my boredom!

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