Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out of the shadows and into the junk

Do forgive my absence here- this is my first entry since last year! I've been in one of my reclusive moods- no doubt due in some percentage to the heat, but also because that's just what my brain does. I get period where the desire to lock myself away is high, and i spend that time shut away indoors not needing or wanting any kind of human company. (For some reason IM company doesn't affect this, I am still happy to talk to those closest to me.)

I have them regularly- I used to confuse them for depressive episodes but I was always perfectly happy in them. Of course despite the fact that i have them regularly i am still surprised when they come, because -well , I forget that i have them.

Anyway- before I had this most recent one, I went to a swap meet! That's what we call junk fairs in Australia, although they started out as secondhand automotive shows and sort of grew to incorporate any kind of junk. It was only as small one and to be honest a bit disappointing. But I did of course find some things all of which are happily illustrating this post.

I dropped into my Dad's place while I was in town- he's having a Buddhist moment and declaring his patented antique eating shed to be overfed, and is in the process of getting rid of some 'junk'. Of course this filled me with a magpie's fervour and I ended up with 2 boxes- one full of curly-wurleys and door handles and hooks and pulleys and drawer pulls and what-have-you, the other filled with Victorian stained glass fragments. Dad tells me that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The three pictures up the back I bought at an antique shop we passed on the way home- she was closing down and had 70% off all her prices. I'd been in their a few times and magically, most of what I had my heart set on was still there, waiting for me! So the rest of the day's allowance went on those three pictures- a total of $50 for the lot, which is unheard of in this country. The one in the middle technically isn't a picture, it's a mercury convex mirror from the 19th century. I've wanted one for years and never had a money to afford it. Annoyingly I put it on the wall as soon as I came home and found that it gives me a headache! So into storage it goes until I have a wall where I don't pass by it 30 times a day.

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