Friday, March 26, 2010

And the Sparrow came home

Oh my dears- so long it's been! I've been out in the wild woods, being shunted around by the weasles and run off the road by Mr.Toad, but I'm back in the burrow now, safe and sound.

I had my holidays- both markets were rained out by the biggest storm the area had seen for 10 years. I did enjoy my vacation though- walking along the beach and wondering if the storm would make it to the carpark before us, curled up under the blankets listening to the rain pound on the caravan roof, organising needful visits to the (outside!) toilet in those brief patches when it wasn't raining...

of thorns or flowers

And no sooner did I return home from my adventures than my computer died! 6 years is a long time in computerland, and it had to be carted away to have a complete overhaul at my friend's house in the city. The nest egg has gone from being an ostrich's to a finch's, but never mind. One simply cannot live on library internet alone, and my life would certainly be impossible without a home computer.

of darker bodies

Just before I went away I was visited by the lovely Miss Bennett, who came to my little town for the afternoon to photograph my creative space. It was quite something to keep to myself while shutters clicked and tripods perched. The results (below) are wonderful! It's an odd feeling to see something of your world- your blog, your jewelry, your studio- published somewhere that wasn't you, I don't think the surrealism of it will ever be lost. It's the nicest kind of surrealism though.

Gosh I am glad to be home!

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