Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've made a new blog to display all the beautiful interior design images that I find around the web. I'm feeling very domestic lately, I'm hunting down vintage stoneware plates with just the right kind of floral patterns, big homemade pottery vases and 1970s house plant books (they always have the most awesome interiors). I didn't want to load down this blog with everything, so I made a new one instead. I had started a Tumblr, but I find it very difficult to get it to load properly, so I've chosen Blogger instead.

And there's some new jewellery in the shop- I'm challenging myself lately to make more delicate and simplified pieces, as I realised last week that a lot of my work is unintentionally very big and bold. I've mostly been inspired by the Japanese fashion styles of Natural Kei and Mori girl.

You can see the Elizabethan ghosts are still haunting the place too.

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