Sunday, March 28, 2010

Choice Fruits

I'd been eyeing this book on Amazon, and then recently went to my Dad's house and found it in his book collection! Dad has hundreds of books, mostly 1800s through till 1950s with a heavy aspect on DIY and the history of ordinary people (and you wonder where I get it). Anytime I get an idea about something there's always a book I can borrow.

(I'm a bit in love with this chap, he's so scruffy and elegant!)

If you want to know how to shoe a horse, make cheese, build a peg-and-dowl table, forge a set of gates, butcher a pig, build a steam train, decorate your brand new 1920s bungalow or make a punch and Judy set, Dad's got a book on how to do it.

I love photographs of real people from history, there's so much more to learn than the 'proper' books written about important dates. I couldn't help getting this one on eBay last night:

...can't wait till it gets here! (I bet Dad has one already.)

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