Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feral adornment

I spent 2 hours on this beautiful treasury last night, and when I saved it Etsy had a burp and broke- the whole thing disappeared! I went back today to do it over and there it was, sitting pretty.

I've been re-immersing myself in the richly coloured nomadic style that I had going before I went away- I'm sure my recent dusty dickens resurgence is due to my growing unhappiness at being 'in the wrong country. But now I've put that dyspepsia from my mind, and things feel more grounded. As a result, I'm moving back toward colour again.


Louise said...

This is a beautiful Treasury and I am so glad it was there to discover after spending so long on it - for the record, the same thing happened to me half way through creating my first Treasury - but I couldn't save mine! :(

claire said...

Just popped over for a visit, it's been a little while and had a browse through your posts about England.
I have similar feeling for the Old Dart and would be gone tomorrow if it were possible. I assuage these feelings by reading through lots of UK blogs and immersing myself in English Country Living every month. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it just makes the longing more intense....... I am very happy in my current abode but a little stone cottage somewhere is beckoning, ah, maybe one day.

fanciful devices said...

oooohhh purpley magical things to investigate.
Old Dart? Is that a thing?

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Louise- I've realised now you can set the treasury to 'only you' viewing so it's private, and save it regularly, thus if you lose the page/connection you only lose what you haven't saved. This is what I do now!

Claire- I immerse myself in the culture too! In fact when I was actually there I was so happy being 'in England' that I refused to watch US tv shows, because the accent threw me off! (Lucky all my faves are UK based.) I also love the UK country living, it's such a beautiful publication. UK magazines are streets ahead of any country, I feel.

fanci- the old dart is a thing, it's an old-school name for England. :D

MiddleEarthsJewels said...

Your treasury is more than wonderful! your blog,..too.

Yaya Chique said...

My friends KC and Judy sent me your way! Beautiful work...very inspiring. xo..deb