Thursday, July 22, 2010

Step One

Thank you to all who commented on my last post- and yes, I know the answer as well as you do, to follow my heart!

Of course that is exactly what I will do, in time. Though it's not possible to jump ship immediately, I have given myself 6 months breathing time, to get back into my own little facets of life -for I have not had bare time to myself since I came home- and become settled in my mind. In that time I shall also save my mother-loving behind off, because I have no savings right now (hello poverty line, I'm down here), and I need at least 3 grand in the bank to have my visa approved.

It calms me to think that I have concrete steps toward a goal now, rather than just a desire with no practical means to achieve it. I'm fond of telling people anything is possible, and it's true. If in 6 months I am still as heart sore for England, I shall have the where-with-all to set sail. The other part of the problem- the people I leave behind- will just have to be dealt with case by case. the family I shall simply placate with the fact that my brother is over there already and perhaps I should go look out for him for a while. That's what big sisters are for. :)

I think I should like very much to live in London. I'm not usually a city person, but there's something so familiar and well balanced about London- I only had 3 days there and it felt as if I'd always known it. Perhaps I have.


ODD imagination said...

I want to come with you. I know that strong feeling of how a place can tug at your heart and soul. That place where you know without a doubt that you belong and how it can create such heartache when you are not there.

Bindor said...

6 months of breathing time is a good idea. To relax close your eyes and breath. Why is it you yearn to return. It is the romantic notions, beautiful history, the mystery or something else completely that attracts you. I yearned to return, and sat idel for months, then got back on the horse and planned my return. But contrary to original plans my return ended up as a quick holiday that I thorougly enjoyed and quenched my thirst for the things I yearned, that's all I needed. I had by then re-found my love of Oz and the shear beauty of our wonderful continent. And was happy in myself again, I found my bearings. I think if you don't know where your going anypath will take you there. SO CHOOSE A PATH but be flexible sometimes we choose a different path to the one we set out. Enjoy the journey and choose as you go while guided by your heart.

fanciful devices said...

this is fantastic. i'm so glad. i'm so glad you're not the type to just complain for years and not make decisions, as many are.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I don't know what it is Bindor, that makes me what to be there so bad. There's something about the energy of the place- yes the romance and the huge stretch of time is some of it, but the modern day aspect is still wonderful too. I just feel like I fit the culture there, and it's more than my ancestral background can account for. I've never felt at home here in Oz- it's a beautiful country but it's not mine. I know where I belong.

Poppy Q said...

I loved living in London, and 15 years after coming back I still feel like I left a little bit of me there.

How exciting for you, I hope your plans work out in the next six months.

Julie Q

Romeo said...

Step one sounds like a good solid plan! I am so glad you are following your heart AND using some common sense!

And being a "big sister".....yep, I think that would be a nice "reason" one needs to know that you are looking for an old soul who needs to be in a place that resonates with her heart.....

Good for you!

"Her" and Romeo

MyMinimalLook said...

you're lucky you feel that way about england! i'm your age and feel like i don't belong anywhere, moved around italy often but still have to feel that strong about a place. i was thinking about england myself lately as an option to move - and like you i gave myself a 6 months time to decide, save, and go. surely it's easier for me, england it's just a couple of flight away, but it's not about the distance but about starting over at my age, when i should be already settled and living the life i want to live.
anyway, i really hope and i wish you can realize your dream and hope to see more photos of your journey with a full account!

Ps. thank you for talking about Lark Rise to Candleford!! i'm watching the first series and i love it!