Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Chance Hotel

Mudlarking finds from the banks of the Thames

Just popping in to give fair warning- my shop prices are about to go up a little, or a lot (depending on the piece). I promised myself that after I returned from the UK, I would take my own advice about pricing and self-value, so it's happening! I'll be doing the deed in 24 hours, so if there's something you want- you better get in now while the gettin's good! There's currently a free shipping promotion going on there as well, while I'm away from home on family routine 'come see me when you get home' post-holiday obligations.

This is a big bold step for me- advancement in business nounce but also evolution in self-realisation. The notion that I could make something that people will pay higher than average prices for is something I've long found hard to believe, despite the fact that I'm hammering it into other people all the time! But I've decided- if my shop were my best friend's shop, I'd be at them constantly to raise their prices. It's good personal policy to treat yourself like a best friend.


Jo Archer said...

Good for you! The first step of selling something you make yourself is a scary and liberating moment. The next step is realising that what you make is worthy of asking more. Don't sell yourself short, you're too good. (The third step is world domination!)

Kerin said...

I absolutely agree with Jo. So glad to see you've raised your prices.

Just checked your shop and everything is still quite reasonable and a huge bargain considering your talent. I'm no expert by any means but it seems like you definitely made the right decision not just to value yourself more but from a business perspective as well. Congrats on taking this step!!!

andrea the pomegranates said...

hello there! it's andrea, team leader of folk reveries. i was wondering if you would like to be my next interviewee for the FR blog next month. let me know, you can email me at hellosparrow at gmail dot com! :)

fanciful devices said...

I'd like to know how this goes- I'm surely not the only other one who struggles w/this issue.