Tuesday, December 7, 2010



I've always admired the way tribal and ethnic crafts are made with very little tools in sparse environments, I've never believed you need fancy equipment and expensive tools to make most things, just the skills and knowledge of thousands of years of tradition.

I love images like these- people working quietly with their hands, usually sitting on the floor. I've always found the floor to be one of the more comfortable places to work actually, perhaps I'll get rid of my table...and get down to the ground.

Closer to where it's at.

And hey- at least when I drop something it won't have far to fall! You could probably make a whole bracelet with what's under my desk right now.


Jill said...

ahh, I like these too! I remember an interview with wire artist Lynne Merchant in Lapidary Journal, she talks about travelling in Africa and Asia in the 70's and learning traditional techniques. There was a little sidebar talking about her toolkit, it consisted of a piece of leather, some handtools, and a small bench block. It inspired me to start making jewelry myself, keepin' it low tech! :)

Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

These are wonderful! Despite having a table and corner specifically set up for making things, I have spent the last several months making everything on the floor in an opposite corner near a window with a bread board serving for a sturdy surface.

fanciful devices said...

hey! i make everything on the floor! and now that im no longer a teenager and its winter, when i get up after hours of making it's like "grooooaaaann", grabbing my back like an old man. it's so sexy.
these pictures are glorious.