Thursday, December 16, 2010

pretty beasties

Alderan - futuristic and simple, crystal clear glass and tarnished silver metal make a great couple.

darker paths - cluster pendant style with a sweet vintage lantern charm

whitesnake - another cluster pendant (becoming a favourite style!) with various found objects

Oz - a single vintage green bead in luminous green hangs with cotton shreds

Kew gardens - one of my darling union jack pendants with a fresh springtime feel

I am so effin' happy right now- Etsy has just implemented searchable favourites! I have been asking for this for aaaaaages- because so many of my favourite shops have 2039393 listings it's hard to remember everything I've hearted from them over time. But now finally I can make sure I get all the listings in one go! I'm a bit of a combined shipping freak. I figure 99% of what I buy comes from overseas, so you might as well cram it in!


fanciful devices said...

your minimalism thing is so evocative and compelling. and whats this about searchable faves? man, gotta jump on that.

Pretty Things said...

LOVE Whitesnake!