Sunday, December 5, 2010

more creatures of a reclaimed nature

I made 200 sales! Well 201 now...but still yay for me! I can't believe I get to do this for a living- sometimes I sit and think 'wow I've sat and made jewelry for 3 days in a row, are you sure this is allowed?' :D Because you know, our minds are socially conditioned to think a job is something you hate. I'll have some sort of giveaway scenario sometime this week to celebrate. I'm about a week behind in my schedule still- and don't even think about that C word!! 3 weeks till I can stop caring about it. I'm not a big lover of Christmas. Of course I say that now, but come December 23rd I'll be mental for it, just wait.

Here's some new stuff!

Golden river - bold yellow metal and antique Tibetan mala

Miss Black - gothic industrialism with scissors and black tourmaline

Karma - grounding wooden bead bracelet and matching vintage bangles

Strike - hammered metal and recycled glass beads from Java

blood sugar - more of those delicious polymer clay beads from divineconsciousness!

I really have to stop making earrings, it's ridiculous. I have a few more to list, and I'm working on some necklaces and bangles, then I'm putting the beads aside for a little bit to get some wrist cuffs and brooches done. I feel ready to do those again. And as I know you chaps on the other side of the world are turning up the heat(ers), I'm putting together some fingerless gloves too, in recollection of a custom pair I made last year for the delightful leopreston. (Can't believe that was only last year!)

I'm also totally flipping my mindmeats over this Harry Potter trailer:

(you have to watch it, it's the law.)

I saw the first part last week- twice! I might go see it again this week too. Hands down, the best best BEST of the entire series. A real, proper, serious, awesome film. Even if you're not a completely mental Potter freak like me (ah see, I don't share everything with you!) you'll still enjoy it. Trusssst the spaaarrrrooww.....she has good taste.


fanciful devices said...

well, i dont know about harry potter, but i do love the new pieces! so gruny yummy- nom nom nom...

Vickie said...

Harry Potter for EVER !! big love here, can't stop thinking bout the newest film. love how it opens with Hermine's room, she is SuCH a beautiful girl. I will be watching it many more times also. Your work ethic and productivty are very inspiring little sparrow. hope to wear one of your pieces some day!

carol said...

sparrow salvage

didn't know you were an aussie girl.
must visit your store. go girl...


fanciful devices said...

oh, also, more bangles, please.
so unique!

Leona said...

And I'm still wearing those gloves even now Penny! Second winter and they're still toasty! :)