Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hanged Man

Forgive me readers, for I have's been 5 days since my last post. The truth is I'm lost in my own head, lost in the forest where I can find no path but the one I came here on. So I've been sitting here on this tree stump- waiting for something to happen, a sign or signal to tell me which way to go, where the path will appear.

study of an outcast

Reading through my old notebooks, I am reminded that as far back as August last year I have been restless and dissatisfied with my work. It has become such a pre-occupation that it now evelopes my entire occupation, and I have lost all inclination to sit at my work bench.

I entertain other ideas- metalwork? Back to wrist cuffs? Concentrate on art? Photography? Just sell antiques?

under your weather

Nothing seems to present a solid answer. So I will just continue to sit and wait.


Sea Witch said...

Ponder. It is a good thing. Regroup, rebreathe and new answers will come our way. Sea Witch

mslulubelle said...

Forgive me for putting in my two cents, but sitting on that stump is required. I've noticed when creativity stirs the soul and leads one's self, nothingness comes a calling-called for or not. It's like salt & pepper, one light, one dark, but I'd never think of using one without the other......of course.....I'd take this with a grain of salt...I talk to gnomes!

Motherkitty said...

Don't you just hate it when you seem to run out of inspiration and steam? Maybe just sitting and quietly musing will help. You also might try writing. Sometimes, it helps feed the soul and ends up leading one back to the visual arts with renewed passion. At least, I have often found this to be the case. I wish you all the best.

Gentle hugs!

Marin said...

I know *exactly* what you mean. The little voice in my head keeps chanting "Jack of all trades, master of none!"--as though there exists some kind of separation between disciplines, like living an artful life isn't confusing enough?!
--In Solidarity!

Cherie said...

Oh Darling, been there done that, a zillion times, please don't fret. A shift in the soul is a wonderful thing, go with the flow and enjoy. Sending You Huge Hugs. xo.

lori said...

Hi , I know what you are going through. I like yourself have a diversity of creative pursuits.I love the looseness of your style. very inspiring.For myself, totally different types of activities...a trip...a total break from routine and place.I like to experiment with different media and ideas - playtime, mucking about. without $$$ attached.organizing and sorting, will often bring wonderful surprises. accepting where I am at, and not fighting or judging . allow spirit what it wants to do. Lori