Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No matter how abstract

Most sound advice on what to do with your life sooner or later will tell you the same thing- do what you love. For me, finding that thing I love and transforming it into money hasn't been a very hard process, but I find as time wears on that I am needing to be more and more specific about the details of that 'what'. One of the more abstract things- that is, one of my loves that I find it hard to triangulate as far as income generation goes, is junk in boxes. Specifically, photos of junk in boxes.

All my weapons readied

I'm not actually that much of a stickler- it doesn't have to be in a box, the floor or a grungy tabletop will do as nice. Selene of Gibbous fashions takes some glorious shots of random scraps of rag and found object on her studio floor, and I'm in love with these pictures.

The thing is- how to translate this? A particularly evocative supply shop is the immediate thought, and has been noted down in the 'things to try' list of actions I will be undertaking when I've come home from nursing my friend in the city. I do love buying supplies and photographing supplies, but at this point in time I love doing that more than making things from supplies.

Beyond a pretty looking supply shop though (for which I have been busy sourcing lovely crusty antique bits- I might not be in the studio but I can still shop online!) there are also thoughts of a book. In thought about it earlier today, I wondered if anyone would buy an ethereal coffee table book that was mostly naturally lit photos of junk in boxes taken by a barely-known artist photographer, but then I thought what better way to become known. And anyway, since when was 'being known' a mandatory prerequisite for publication?

Poor Little Half-dones

My jewelry has taken a back seat but by no means is completely out of the scene, in fact going over archive imagery has made me homesick for the days when I was simply a stitcher of cuffs, brooches and the occasional doily shred necklace. These two would find a place in my book, along with atmospheric pictures of places I've lived, especially Coal Creek, where my world ultimately became what it is today.

Circle of Light

This book essentially would be a sort of a guided tour through the unique way I see things. A artistic hybrid of Etcetera and Interior Alchemy, but with a focus on the intimate and ephemeral.

Image via Fancifuldevices

This is an idea that wants brooding on. Variants, versions, alternatives...the stew-pot of the mind.


fancylinda said...

I would buy your book! I am in the same sort of predicament as you are - I love buying and having supplies more than making things with them too. I hope to get out of that rut soon, and make some new things, but for now I just love the collecting.

A mermaid in the attic said...

I loved the stories you wrote about your jewellery pieces (like the mermaid stone necklace)...your gorgeous photos each with a marvelous tale about the contents would make a lovely book indeed.

whitney-anne said...

they make beautiful pictures in their own right . . . prints perhaps? Though a book would work really well too.

Lucy Harvey said...

Penny, I saw this work and the studio shots reminded me of your space! http://www.annalewisjewellery.co.uk
I'm sure you'll love the photography too x