Sunday, February 13, 2011

Listin' heavily

A new treasury which started out as me just sort of 'musing about':

I was looking for visual inspiration for my new antique shop- which is now officially open!

Named after the first cuff I ever made, fagin's daughter is something I've felt attuned to for a very long time- Fagin was probably the first Dickens character I knew as a child, and instantly felt a connection to this shabbily dressed, slightly unreal character with trinkets in his pockets and a house full of lost boys. Hmm- sounds suspiciously like me!

When I wrote the short story that went with the cuff's listing, it was really then and there that my alter-ego was born, and since that cuff it has really been Fagin's daughter who makes my ragged things, the Sparrow is merely a channel. So it's about time she had her own shop, where she can share the small trinkets that find her way to her hand. (through nothing as nefarious as her father's method!)

antique silver teaspoon

There are some lovely pickings in there already, with more coming in the next day or two. There are 6 new things in my jewelry shop too, and I've more to list.

spring heeled jack

never ceasing


small voice

all things journey

horns of the moon

I have more photography too, and more destash for the magpie shop (where I'm still having my secret coupon sale- see last post) ... and on top of that I'm waiting for some vintage chain in the mail so I can turn my recent pendants into necklaces. And then list them!


Tirabaralla said...

So much :D
Off to visit the new shop!

septembre said...

oh such a beautiful selection of vintage treasures, congratulations on your new shop!!!