Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming Home

These two treasuries made today are a thought train for my mind of late. There has been a real theme of 'home' in my life these last few days- more than usual! Talks I've had with friends, books I've read, thrifted things, blog posts, tumblr images... everything has been nesting itself together in my head and coming out on my work table.

The Other

Autumn Afternoons in the West Country

Pale dusty pinks, creamy tans and chocolate browns, rough texture and smooth wood... not just the sense of home in terms of buildings and people, but in colours and objects- what make me feel I am at home, whether I'm at home in a building or an environment or some abstract feeling I cannot put a finger on. A decidedly British direction (no surprise) with Iron Age evocations.

Or maybe I just watch too much Time Team. As if there could be any such thing!


Emily Gibbs said...

Love both of them!

Sidereal Day said...

Both are gorgeous, as usual. You have a real eye for making treasuries.