Sunday, July 24, 2011


begins at home

Surprise vacation! Almost as much of a surprise to me as to you. It's a decision I only made 2 days ago; I've been finding work getting a little on top of me lately, so in order to find some breathing space I've made some. All my shops are on vacation now for the next 2 weeks, wherein they will open again.


As for me, the first week of my 'staycation' is mostly cleaning. (Hey don't knock it, I love a good scrub.) I'm not hanging around for that Spring thing to get into gear, the dust gets shook up now! Cleaning my studio is way overdue and I know I'm never going to get to it while I'm working, so I decided to stop working.


Of course we all know that lasts approximately 2 days, so to lull myself into that false sense of security we all love and depend on, I am allowed to make things, as long as they're either something for me (clothing mends, jewelry etc) or they're paper collage and painting.


I've been wanting to do some exhibition work for a while but was never going to happen while I was working. I also plan to sort out the veggie patch, redecorate my room, purge the eBay pile, sort some destash, make more DIY kits, sew some textiles for an upcoming market stall project and generally expect too much of myself. As is my way!


of course I'll still be here, sharing ideas and musings. Apart from the first image (which is mine), this post is decorated with nice images I've found lately, things that resonate with me right now, for reasons that I both know and understand. All is revealed in time.


Pretty Things said...

I love all those images, and that second one just begs for a good book!

stregata said...

Have a great staycation and don't work too hard!

Palimpa Lim said...

Beautiful pictures, indeed! I hope you'll enjoy your time and am looking forward to visit your etsy shop, again!

fanciful devices said...

I should do this. clean, organize. like that'll ever happen.
man i love your photos! and hate you b/c I can't take photos like these!