Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Lazy Blogger

Your most gracious pardon if you will, I've been spending time in my own head- not usually recommended but sometimes necessary. Here's some supplies and components to amuse you while I get around to showing you finished things!

I bought these amaaaazing earrings to take apart, but they're in my personal collection now- I can't part with them! I love their ancient astronaut feeling. I'm thinking more about 2012 lately; an interesting subject with themes I'm attracted to right now (and for the record no- I don't think it's the end of the world).

These beads came from riveting- the blue stripeys were trade beads and the rest came on a broken necklace. They were a criminal bargain- I would've paid the cost of the necklace just for the little coral/turquoise Tibetan ones alone!

Look at their arcane grunginess! The necklace was only a 70s tourist number, but as with a lot of things made for the export market in India and Tibet back then, the people making them didn't pop down to the local craft supermarket and pick up some supplies, they just fished about for whatever they had- these beads could be 400 years old. An importer who worked with a friend of mine once said he would get in hippy skirts and patchwork cushions made of 19th century textiles, simply because the manufacturer had some in the warehouse. Is the preciousness of antique things a very modern Western attitude? How long ago did people start getting in a tizz about how old something was? I could buy this and find out.

Anyway- I bought these little metal plates from riveting as well- you can see two of them have already been introduced to His Lordship Mr.Hammer - and a brush with the novacan too. I like the way the hammering has given them a feeling of ancient gold, pushing up the 'archaeological find' vibe I'm after lately.

Here's a peak of some stuff I've been working on- the round one was the pendant that came with the broken necklace mentioned above. it only had a 'stone' in the middle to which I thought was plastic, but when I hit it with his Lordship to get it out, it powdered a little, revealing it to be glass. Then I had an idea. 10 minutes, some fire and a spot of massively innapropriate use of tools later, I succeeded in redistributing the glass, so now it's a sort of rust brown, with subtle druzy sparkles! (Which you can't capture in camera, the pixies.)

I think sci-fi has had it's short round again; it comes through now and then to clean out the dust and throw back the curtains. There are some pieces still to list that have the look I was going for (I'll show you those later) but as for new work (coming next week!) there is a definite tribal element shining through- and lo, a return of our old friend, the 18th century. Have I been influenced by anything in particular..?


Laurie Brown said...

I can see why you're keeping those earrings- they are, indeed, amazing!

stregata said...

I had noticed the shift back to tribal - and I love it. Love those little 'metal plate' beads too.
I really enjoy your snippets of imagined mythology for your pieces - and I have been thinking about 'the moon's tears' for days - might even result in a piece of my own - thank you for the inspiration!