Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've started updating the shop again- there was a serious and manic period in the last 24 hours wherein I made a crapton (approximate weight) of jewelry!

Asterion - assemblage cluster charm necklace - tribal sci-fi

I'm high on my tribal sci-fi mode again! Some of you might remember the last time I did this- coincidentally (or not?) it was the same time last year but it's been off and on in my work since 2009. I was at the tail end of my Victorian tribal and getting bored with it -still loving the tribal, but waning on the Victorian. Looking for something to breathe new life in it, I bought up an old trick taught to me by an art professor- he said 'if something's not working, think of it's opposite.'

The opposite of Victorian and tribal to me was futurism- pale colours, minimal pattern and geometric shapes. Feeling it was worth a try, I started exploring with the supplies I had- most of which were Edwardian, art deco and 1960s. That night when my housemates and I were discussing our dinnertime viewing intentions said 'I want to watch something set in the future' My friends (being the faithful trekkies they are) handed me Star Trek:TNG. I'd seen in often before but it seemed time to delve in properly, so I did my usual 'watch all the seasons in one day!' routine and within a week my mind was flooded with alien landscapes, crystal-powered machines, emerging galactic cultures and a serious amount of shiny fabric.

older pieces showing sci-fi influence
1. crystalis astronomica , 2. ray of light , 3. moonsister , 4. ancient astronauts, 5. cold planet , 6. follow behind me with breadcrumbs of stars, 7. Early birds are singing , 8. hoth summer nights, 9. Interstellar pyramids

I started to muse on the sci-fi genre and wondered how I could make it work with the tribal style. And boom- tribal sci-fi was born. That was May 2009; in 2010 I'd come back to it though leaning heavily on the science-fantasy part (though some sci-fi sneaked through) utilising fiction I'd written way back in High School that had stuck with me. (No you can't see it.) In 2011 I went back to it with a dark rustic vibe, and now here we are in 2012 where once again I'm high on the vision of tribal sci-fi again.

Enceladus - assembalge necklace - cluster charm - ocean theme - shells - tribal sci fi

This time there's a more heavy lean toward the ancient civilization part. As I look at what I have spread on the work desk right now there's a solid conjunction between the past and the future.

Maybe not a lot of people would look at that collection up there and think 'wow, how sci-fi!' but to me it's very evocative of a futuristic race. Maybe I just watch too much Ancient Aliens. Aside from the stuff up there I've also go a lot of of silver and gold, geometric shapes, luminous stones and facets to make sparklies so the sci-fi is emphasised to others. I'm trying to add as much natural/organic element as possible so there's also carved wood, raw crystals, rusty metals and general reclaimed grungy bits. Where would we be without grungy bits?


Roberta said...

Crapton. I like that word. Must remember to try it out.

Hopemore Studio said...

I still love Interstellar Pyramids! Until this post I think I overlooked the obvious fascination I have had with futuristic shows as well. For more tribal sci-fi inspiration I highly recommend the movie StarGate Universe. The TV show was ok but the original movie still brings back fascinating images of Egyptians and aliens coexisting.

just jen said...

Love reading about your how/why for your work. Always enlightening. Not to mention inspirational!

And indeed ... where WOULD we be without grungy bits?!?

NuminosityBeads said...

"Craptonite"- A sci-fi tribal element that is apparent in your new work.
I love how you laid out your elements so nice and orderly for us to see. And describing your process of arriving back to the sci=fi.
xoxo Kim

artistic rejuvenations said...

stellar deliciousness.

Beatnheart said...

An angel has landed on little sparrows shoulder whispering in her shell like ear... And magic fairy dust was sprinkled from the heavens on to her workbench. Wow whata load of fantastical stash you have .. Where does one shop in Oz?
Do you have garage sales? Flea markets? Perhaps a stellar road trip to sparrowland is in order? Blessings peace and love sent your way from the alien planet that is california! All this and moving too? Ima slug!

Alice said...

I love how your mind works! And 'All Systems Go' is a beautiul piece of art all on its own.

Now if I could just make a crapton amount of jewelry today.....

Have a wonderful day!

Skye said...

you know, now that you mention the 'scifi/tribal' & 'fantasy/tribal' that really clicks with what was in my head when I looked at your work.. I knew I loved it and I knew it reminded me of something that I couldn't quite put my finger on... but now that you slapped me upside the head with the 'duh', it clicks :) All those shows and movies I loved the characters and looks of, these pieces do make me think of them :D I'll never be able to look at your work again without my brain picking out a character or story it makes me think of lol

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Love all the wonderful stuff you have laid out...and thank you so much for sharing your trip through creativity. I really liked hearing what your art instructor said, "if something's not working, think of it's opposite."
This I shall print large & tape on my wall. THANK YOU!

I really love your work. I might have to 'copy' it. I'll just be over here with Beatnheart Cynthia..and be a slug too.

stregata said...

I've been drooling over the new pieces on etsy... and I just love the way you display all your gorgeous elements... makes me want to get into my studio and spread out my stash - oh wait, my stash is already spread out in the studio. Just doesn't look as photogenic as yours.
And I am also going to put what your art professor said where I can see it... good advice.