Friday, April 27, 2012

up up the ziggurat

Shops are closed. Studio's packed. Walls are looking very bare.

I'm spending too much time with my head stuck in the internet, trawling for things to inspire my new work, which I hope to begin construction on next weekend after the last days of cleaning and packing are behind me and the joy on unpacking- and decorating- lays ahead.

tribe of one - artisan necklace - reclaimed cotton textile - tribal objects - cluster charm
The White City- quartz crystal and textile necklace
All these pieces in this post are old works I've done over the stretch of years who in either form, style or sensibility represent the new path I'm going down. Solid form, strong shape, deep texture. Ancient past and star-flecked futures. 

Visionaries - artisan earrings - reclaimed metal - organic form - crystal quartz

The Sea in Winter- vintage reclaimed neckpiece

As usual all will be constructed using salvaged material- there is a reckless part of my mind that whispers for a PMC set-up, and though I know I could do such wonderous things with it, my heart struggles; it is not 'salvaging' enough for me- though I'm sure all the metal in it has been recycled 1000 times. Did you know metals like gold can be melted down and re-used infinite number of times? Theories suggest the amount of gold we have drawn from the earth is not very much- so often is it recycled that there are grounds to suppose a gold tooth or wedding ring you currently have in possession could be made in part from the jewelry of an Etruscan princess.

  memory - bridal crystal cuff - vintage hand dyed lace - textile jewelry - PAYMENT PLAN

Victorian sci-fi encrusted clear quartz crystal necklace with vintage element- Ghost of the Kraken-

Anyway- metal-melting aside, my intense need to use what already exists comes from a deeper place than the ubiquitous tree-hugger principles necessary in ethically responsible jewelry; rather it is about using the resources at your disposal; challenging the mind to find solutions to a need without providing a new material. 

Reclaimed - salvage textile wrist cuff - antique lace - vintage buttons

Ghost in the Mill - necklace made of antique lace

This borderline psychotic insistence on salvage is my undoing and my strength; while I 'miss out' on developing my ideas with cast metal, powder coated or electroplated forms, I often come up with new ideas simply through looking for alternatives. Cast metal ideas are turned by my mind into forms of leather and canvas; ideas about crystals or diamonds are planned in materials like thrifted wine glass stems, or cut up CDs. 

Andromeda - salvage textile necklace - reclaimed vintage - antique lace

I especially get excited by using these materials not expected to turn up in jewelry - it is much more fun and rewarding as well as delivering a more complex article at the end; more art than artisan craft. (Oh how the lines blur!) Self-reliance has become a sort of game to me- and each time I play I set the bar higher. 

Anestrah - tribal sci fi earrings - hammered metal - opalite spears

Vega - Victorian Sci Fi necklace - clear quartz - mother of pearl

Zoll - tribal sci fi earrings - reclaimed vintage coins - spectrolite

Meanwhile in the day to day... I better go pack something.Or eat dinner!


Jackie said...

Wise words Sparrow. These pieces are so creative and well done as always. They are all so different yet so lovely. Enjoy the unpacking and decorating and wishing you the very best in your new home.

...Jackie xo

Roberta said...

It is always so pleasurable to look at your work. While you go trolling on the web for inspiration, we come here for it. Funny huh?
As far as PMC goes, I worked in it for a while. It is pricey. That is what stopped me in my tracks. Plus it takes a ton of electricity to run the kiln.....

I love the way you make old things look.

Alice said...

I wish I had your talent for finding these odds and ends, and then making something amazing with them. When I try this it just looks like crap.

Thanks so much for the gorgeous eye-candy today.

Beatnheart said...

Anyone can go in and buy the junk coming out of china, fastened to it a jump ring and earwires and call it antique jewelry. I have convoed people .. Is this really an antique piece your using only to get some vague response.. I should have said can I order this onlline and get 50 of them?
It takes a true artist to put something together from old bits... To make that work... To even think up these ideas. Your work will be your salvation..
The very best to you on your new life... I hope it is filled with joy and embraced with renewed passion.


artistic rejuvenations said...

stunning works of art.

Anvilartifacts said...

The complexity of your work and the simplicity with which you present it makes me smile. Love all of the ingenious details in each piece. Hoping you enjoy your new adventure.

Juliette Williams said...

absolutely beautiful, inspiring work. I have so many of your pieces in my 'inspiration folder', and these just went in as well. All the best of luck to you in your new home - looking forward to reading about your new adventures!

Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

Oh how I adore the earrings in the first picture! Well, I love all of your work. The pieces I have of yours are my absolute favorite things to wear.
fI you DO decide to try out PMC I would love to send you some that I have. Years ago I worked at a ceramic studio. We mostly worked with bisque and glass, but the owner briefly tried out PMC. She gave the employees a small lump to get started with and for whatever reason I ended up with an extra bit that I never used. Sadly, I no longer have means of firing it and I have been carefully squirreling it away for years. I would love to send it to you to work with if you like. It's not much, i think it was about a $50 lump(USD) but I don't remember the actual measurement. Anyway, this way it would be kind of be salvaged? ;-) And I know you would put it to good use.

Best of luck to you with the move!

Cece Cormier said...

I'm gobsmacked with your latest designs. Gorgeous.

fanciful devices said...

gorgeous pictures cant deal!
hey did you know you can make your own pmc? there's a tute on etsy. you need metal in grain-form, olive oil and water. but you also need a kiln

fanciful devices said...

gorgeous pictures cant deal!
hey did you know you can make your own pmc? there's a tute on etsy. you need metal in grain-form, olive oil and water. but you also need a kiln