Friday, April 19, 2013

Insert Clever Title Here

Here's a photo of the fantastic grain on the floor boards in the new place...reminds me of salmon steaks. I do like to be reminded of food though, so a floor which looks like baked fish is alright by me!

Here's some earrings:

Dusty - vintage button earrings - mismatched Victorian assemblage - primitive rustic romantic - eco friendly jewelry

Dusty -  I quite like these ones- the mismatchy style and the colours.

Here's some more:

southwstern boho hoops - antique glass - turquoise howlite - rustic romantic

These don't actually have a name as I'm trying some experiments with SEO - I need to be found by more people. As well as that, giving them a name infers I had some sort of intention when I made them, when really the only intention I had was 'make some earrings'. I just realised one of the beads on these looks like it has a bit chip in it. I don't think it does, they're just made wonky because they're old beads. I would look and see but the inventory tin is like, at least 3 feet away. 

This is boring- let's go back to the house!  Here's a shot I took of the kitchen, hours after getting the keys. Or was this inspection? Either way it's 'estate fresh' (no the last person didn't die).

Note if you haven't the impressive 'tile' linoleum from the 1970s in sage green. Not so bad in real life, actually I barely notice it now and soon there will be a massive sea grass mat over the top anyway. The first thing I did was take down those horrible cafe curtains and the icky clock- they will not be appearing in further adventures of this kitchen.

 Here's the built-in glass cabinet which sits on the wall opposite the mantel. It's a 1940s job, but the 70s 'poo brown' trim wasn't doing it any favours, so...

 I has painted! Dad just happened to have this colour lurking in the shed, it matches the opposite cabinets perfectly and will look even better when I can get some perdy handles (the black ones will not be appearing in future episodes).

Here's some more shots of the floor- this time wider views so you can see the scope of the place- narrow but still roomy. 

 This is a shot standing where my desk will be, looking down the hall into the lounge room. Gotta think of something to do with those boring box lights...

Here's another shot of that delicious loungeroom floor and not-so appetising panelled dado. the heater will be reinstalled in there so that big hole and metal strapping will be covered up. Note please the orginal pelmet casing on top of the windows. That's classy, people. 

Hopefully the next photos I have will be of some actual bloody furniture in these rooms. I've been renting this place for nearly a month now and I have yet to reach the day when I can shout 'to the storage unit!!' Hopefully this weekend. Oh wait it is the weekend...well. fuckn hell.
 See it's not even ready yet- there are some serious gaps in the skirting boards so we have to cap them, which will be done this weekend. THEN next week I can start with the shag rugs and the furnitures. 

The fence on the left side of the backyard is one of my fave things- they banked it either side of a massive holly tree, rather than cutting it down. Judging by the dirt along the edges there's been a garden bed along the fence line at some stage which -despite my coal black thumbs- I shall endevour to restore.


13 said...

those earrings are delicious, love the soft watercolours. That floor's come up a treat.

PipnMolly said...

Dusty earrings are lovely. The salmon floor is delicious. Looks like you're having fun turning the house into your space. We've been in our house 3 yrs. and am just now almost considering paint.

Tina said...

I have a strange fondness for that '70s green linoleum, probably because my grandparents had something very like it in their kitchen while I was growing up. Wood trim is gorgeous, and good luck on the garden resurrection!

Annette F Tait said...

the floorboards are gorgeous! what a splendid job you made of them and love the glass cabinet Penny.
I reckon you should make your own door handles from larger pieces of scrap metal bits. You assemble bits and pieces together so brilliantly I am sure you would make something unique :)
ha ha - I so remember pelmets from living in oz! jees, those were the days......
and I'm thinking, I saw a baby hare in those cafe curtains :)
ps - great yard!

fanciful devices said...

omg those cabinets! here you are all "im too lazy to make earrings but re-do an entire house? done!" i hope all those curtains will be burned by next time...
love the 1st earrings- utee?

Beatnheart said...

Wow shiny clean floors... When we moved into our house, the floors were covered on stained shag carpet... I pulled the living room one out before my hubs got back from returning the moving truck... My all wood floors are ready for cleaning and re varnishing but hell I can hardly wash dishes now...I hate housework
I love the photos of the earrings.. So clean bright fresh.. How'd ya do that?
Hope all is well Penny.... Take care.

Merle said...

i love your place! can't wait to see how you decorate it-will be fabulous! and, i love you new jewelry as always!