Saturday, April 6, 2013

what up, beaches

Let's have some new jewelry! 

Tunisia - mother of pearl earrings - eco friendly - reclaimed tin - salvaged beads - floral embossed.
Tunisia - last bit of some floral brass from a bangle, and some mother of pearl tulips

Paladin - vintage tin earrings - eco friendly - reclaimed metal - salvaged beads - rustic romantic

Paladin - hand cut vintage tin, painted, sealed, bone beads. More exampling of 'complex simplicity'- the act of making simple jewelry but with exquisite details.

Galactica - long chain earrings - eco friendly - reclaimed vintage - salvaged beads - hand cut tin

Galactica -  eeny teeny vintage tin bits, some square beads from India.

Paladean - eco friendly jewelry - vintage tin earrings -  reclaimed metal - salvaged beads - rustic romantic

Paladean - Slightly different to the ones above- not as pink. I love this hanging set up I mocked up today with the dried coriander plant. So much so I might have to re-shoot all my earrings against it, just to give myself more work.

Okay enough of that. Now because I live in country Australia, a mundane task as driving to the hardware shop is fraught with beautiful landscape. You've seen the hills outside my new lounge room window, well that's the sort of constant up-n-down faded green velvet lumps you see all around this place.

Here we are on the way to the hardware shop to buy sealant for the floor boards. Pretty boring huh?

Oh no, not trees.
 Oh- don't look, they're being all romantic.

Hang on- that's the ocean! How did we get there? Well all this roly-poly dairy land is but 25 minutes from the sandy wet bit, so I figured since it was such a nice evening and we didn't have to hurry (because we'd missed the junk shop) we might as well buy some deep fried snacks at the local chip shop and then get sand all over the car. 

 Wild scrubby bits. Plenty of these around the edge of the ocean here. Not many stairs down to it though...


Nice bits of driftwood - Dad spoiled everything by telling me you're not allowed to take any home. What's the point of going somewhere if you can't come out of it with material possessions? 

 Some interesting seaweed. I'd hoped for some seashells to use in my work but there was almost nothing going on. It's school holidays though so most likely the beach had already been plundered.

That lumpy rock over there in the distance is Eagle's Nest. What do you mean 'what rock'...

That's actually where all the good bit is, with rock pools to rummage around in. I'll go there sometime soon, if you're lucky.
This was a rare thing for me actually - it wasn't hot and there was only a handful of people, so I enjoyed it. As a rule I don't like the beach, but that's because I grew up in Australia where the water's edge is hot, scratchy, filled with poisonous things and covered in people who ought to be wearing more clothes. When I'm in England I adore the seaside. A bit chilly, nice buildings, ice cream vans... there is a huge difference between the beach and the seaside.


Jiorji said...

your nature photographs are stunning! i love that first one of the fields

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Love the ton earrings! And yes, great coriander photos!

Wildthorne said...

Soo much beauty in this post, I am going to have to look at it again, the place where you live, and surrounding areas have this welcoming softness, you should immerse yourself in these spaces more often :) Thank you for posting these pictures, the shadow play on the trees is wonderful. Loving the complex simplicity... making tiny things precious.

Star of the East said...

Perfect balance between simplicity and refinement in those earrings.
And gorgeous surroundings in your new home. Be happy, girl.

PipnMolly said...

Nice earrings and a fine day out. Completely agree about the beach. Why people enjoy cramming together like sandy sardines is beyond me. A stroll along the sea or lakeside with dog is another heaven altogether.

fanciful devices said...

oh my gaud this is insane. who knew you lived 25min from this gorgeous, delicate ocean? oh wait. i live 5 min walking away from the water's edge and i never go... plus i love your earrings. little, subtle, lovely.

fanciful devices said...

oh, AND i wanna use that black seaweed to make something with.

Eva said...

Thanks for the journey! From the opposite of the globe I enjoyed it all, from the earings in the coriander, your kitchen painting, to the photos from seaside.

Blackwillow Boho said...

I love your photos of Australia - I was only there once but I loved it - the countryside remote parts were just awesome. The jewellery is good too :)