Monday, June 23, 2008

From everywhere, all at once...

So many things have inspired me lately, from films to websites to clothes to people's way of seeing.

A lovely man from France spent a great deal of money in my shop this morning- not only a welcome drop of financial rain but also an inspiration to me. It always buoys me up and keeps me going when people buy things. I'm not so fussed about the money (though I certainly did a little dance!) but the mere fact that people want my makes me feel good. Validation I suppose, and we all love that.

When I moved house I did a huge clean-out of the craft stuff, but since being here I again feel the need to pare down further the things I kept. I'm really enjoying having the supply shop, and that's starting to pick up, so my plan is to now only make things I really want to make, and sell the rest of the materials as supplies.

I've also been doing a retail training course at the Education Centre- it's free and I might learn a thing or two which will help me develop my online business and -oh to dream!- perhaps even open my own bricks and mortar. It will be a tiny little place with original fittings, and be filled with a sort of earthy/gothic variation of Shabby Chic- there will be curious antiques, etchings and photographs both antique and local, my craftwork and various interesting books, trinkets and miscellany I happen upon. This is my retail goal.

Lady Swan- salvage brooch (sold)

Onto more frivolous pursuits- I recently discovered the distracting joy of Polyvore. We're all aware of (and each have) a website or two that we can guarantee will suck hours away like magic if we dare to log on. This is one of them.

Set created by zzz

It's a fashion building site- basically you have a canvas and you create a collage of your favourite things from the menu given. You can search via type, colour, keyword, etc. The most awesome part about it is that it tells you where the things come from and gives you a link straight to it! For someone like me who's looking to re-define her style, this kind of website is invaluable. I am in love.

Lace button up dress from Frock Online

Silt trim Jersey dress also from Frock Online

Fingerless white fishnets from Sock Dreams

Fashion photography by Eugenio Recuenco, a master at light and cinematics.

Ah me- there is just so much ragged beauty in the world.

oh ps- I started the sale in the shop- that will be on till the end of June. As a special deal for my blog readers- anyone who makes a purchase in either of my shops for the next week gets a free treasure! All you have to do is write 'sparrow blog' in the buyer comments box, and if you tell me your favourite colour or shape or if you like beads, buttons, ribbons or the like, I'll try to match your treasure to your words! Fun.

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RowanDevoe said...

Love! Wow, so many gorgeous and magical things!