Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Modern rustic

Just remember to breathe

Hanging out on my bed this morning, I couldn't help taking a snap of my bed linen to show you the pretty pattern combinations. I've fallen hard for neutral-toned retro lately. I love mid-century design, but I'm not really much of a colour fan, so it's often hard to find things. The thrift shops here in Warragul seem to churn out a steady stream of modern stuff (much to my wallet's despair). While most of what I find is rather colourful and ends up in the eBay pile, I do seem to hang on to more and more of it. Though my usual style is more rusticated, it's surprising just how well mid-century and ravaged go together, and look good!

from honeypieliving

from H is for Home

I can't remember where this came from!

From deep in the archives of the gorgeous bluelines blog


Sweet Repose said...

I love the simplicity of these shots. I too am not a fan of too much color, the earth tones, float my boat, faded tans, mauves and greens, just look ol'timey with lots of history to their credit. I love to make lampshades with tattered old fabrics, the hues they emit are magical.
Take care,

oldflowers4me said...

hello sweet friend-i like what you wrote-i think thats what i do i just mix everything together-my style isnt every 1s-but i love to think -i am recyclying-and boy do i love a good op shop-singing and skipping -love jo.