Friday, June 6, 2008

How To Get What You Really Want

Watch for the signs in the pavement

These past couple of weeks have been stuffed to the brim with change, friendship, heartache, movement in all directions and the most edifying of all- questioning the path.

Look back and walk forward

Look back and walk forward

I have been reading a wonderful book called Wishcraft by Barbara Sher. I recommend this book to anyone who has a dream, a desire or a goal- no matter how vague, how impossible, or even if it's just a feeling you want something more. The book gives practical step-by-step advice to help you get that goal.

You'll learn to throw out all the 'I can't afford it' excuses for both time and money, and get real help in getting what you really want in life. It's a self-help book of the truest sense, no wishy-washy affirmations to remember or any of that looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love you. In my opinion if you're reading this book, you already love you!

Love and Lewis

Love and Lewis

I read this book two years ago, the last time I lived in Warragul. If I had followed it's advice I would now be living my dream- I am confident of that, everything fell into place like some kind of magic. I let it slide though, and didn't finish the book or continue to implement the stages after the initial, so it's my fault alone that things didn't turn out sparkly.

But here I am, trying again. Slightly different goals, different desires, but still the same touchstone- to live a life and make a living that centres around creativity and keeps me in touch with nature.

flora and fauna

Flora and Fauna

I have a routine that I find great for starting the day- I get up, make a cup of tea, put some incense on and then get back into bed with my tea and write in my journal or read an inspiring book or magazine. I find it a brilliant way to collect my thoughts and get my enthusiasm pumping for the day. Just one hour on this sees me bouncing out of bed full of excitement for the day, as opposed to stumbling about the house wondering what I'm doing with myself or staring dejectedly at the morning news.

The universe in a tea-cup

The universe in a Teacup.

My goal for the rest of this month is to concentrate on 'getting myself out there'- how to give my unique style a boost up, how to define my market and expose myself to that market in a non-confrontational way. When I've finalised my idea list and processes as per the book, I'll do another post here. I might try to post about Wishcraft more than I have- some of the exercises are so brilliant I just have to share them with you. If every person with a wish could read this book and implement the processes- ah, what a world it would be!


Winniel said...

I totally agree! Reading this simply affirms my belief to go forward n do what your heart leads you to do, we only live once! :)

My personal goal for the short term, is to start taking up metal art clay class, i wanna make my own fine silver rings, pendants n jewelries!

Yay...lets do it!!! lol

Herbwych said...

Just jumped to your etsy shop from a DUST post, and I LOVE your cuffs, so I thought I'd follow the inspiration to the blog, and I'm pleased to have found a like mind! I will have to check said book out, I just ordered The Boss of You
for inspiration on a more practical business like level, but reinforcement on a spiritual/emotional level would certainly be helpful too. Looking forward to hearing more of you via you blog!