Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is blue grey brown cream a colour?

Because if it is, it's my favourite.

1. Cycle, 2. amour, 3. -, 4. Drapes, 5. Maya - copper earrings, 6. leave, 7. bleed, 8. Hydrangeas Up Close, 9. nest closeup, 10. feb2008, 108753, 08-2, 11. Ewigkeit, 12. Foggy morning in the indian forest - Road from Dharamkot to McLeod Ganj - India, 13. ., 14. feb2008, 108753, 11-2, 15. 200 years of loss, 16. under glass

I had no idea I was so attracted to this colour combination, but after going through my favourites it's clear I am! That's one of the things I love about Flickr favourites pages, you can capture at a glance what your deeper subconscious attractions are. I was tipped off on this colour combo first though by my latest Etsy loves...

Jewels beads Supply

The Gingham Girl


Of course, it could all stem from the double-team of two of my deepest loves...

Trees in winter (these ones by Neil McChrystal)

And a certain, recently un-cursed Pirate Lord who finally has his ship back.
Funny ol' world, innit?


Anonymous said...

Your Coal Creek photos are hauntingly lovely.
We had a place like that when I grew up in NZ.
Torn down now, sad to say.
Still find them here and there.
I love the salvage look and enjoy you things a lot, aloha Lilla

Izabella said...

oh my~ your blog is a slice of heaven, oh so delicious!!

I see we have in common a "gibbous infatuation"

xo!! ~Izabella

RowanDevoe said...

wow-love all of this-how gorgeous! i have always loved these colours together!

Parallax Photo said...

I just had the same experience with my flickr favorites. Apparently I'm way more drawn to teal and orange red and warm golds than I thought! Funny how we don't know those things until flickr shows us.