Friday, March 27, 2009

The Big Day

Well, here we are. One year of selling my work on Etsy! I can't believe it's been a year, and then at other times it feels so much longer. I've actually been on Etsy since November 07, but I didn't start the shop till the next March.

It's been a wonderful year. Finally having the freedom and the validation to make what I've always wanted to make. The friends I've made, the artists I've discovered...a whole world of wonderful. Thank you so very much to every single person that reads my blog, everyone who ever bought something from me, or hearted my shop, or linked to me from your blog, or faved my Flickrings, or even just dropped a line to say hi. You're all a part of a woven web of true happiness.

Anyway- enough of the mushy guff- let's have a sale!

As the tiny type reads, the sale runs all week, till 9pm on the 4th of April Melbourne time. You can find out Melbourne time here.

Co-incidentally, the 4th of April happens to be my 35th birthday, and will also be the launch day of my faery shop! In celebration of that (and my birthday) the first 13 orders in the faery shop will recieve a free packet of organic incense! This is really good stuff, made in India by traditional methods from all natural ingredients.

If that's not enough, I'm having a giveaway here on my blog today, and I'll also be having a giveaway on the faery blog on the 4th!!

So mark the dates!
+ 9pm tonight till 9pm on the 4th - 25% off in the shop and a giveaway on this blog!

+ 4th of April- faery shop opens, free packet of organic incense for the first 13 customers and a giveaway on the blog!

Golly goshness, the giving just doesn't stop. :D I'll be back at 9pm my time to announce the sale and giveaway.


septembre jewellery said...

happy anniversary....
very exciting news.....thank you

greavesdesign said...

You have a fantastic shop and have done so much in one year! it shows how much you are loving what you do...
I had my one year back in November.
I agree about all you say... it has given me so much as well, with making some great friends and being plugged into a world of creative people 24/7... what bliss!

emma lamb said...

Congratulations Penny! and yay for the mushy guff... ;)

Actually, i'm quite surprised you've only had your shop for a year, i thought you were a seasoned pro! Anyway, i just want to say your work is beautiful and i hope your new venture is as succesful as your first shop :)


ArtSnark said...