Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Givin' it up

And here we are, time to announce the giveaway!

Thanks to Mr. Random Number Generator, the winner is... Bri!! Congratulations!

In her comment to the giveaway post Bri says "My favorite color is dusty blue. I love how it is a bit silvery, a bit mystical. It is one of the colors of the sky at both twilight and dawn too, my two favorite times of day."

(Redux of the first 'proper' photo I ever took with my camera.)

Which was oddly apt, because the brooch was about twilight though I didn't say (mostly because that word has been temporarily corrupted by a certain trashy sparkly vampire thing that we shall not speak of.) I agree with you Bri- those times of the day are a bit mystical.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway- don't forget there's another one coming up on my other blog on the 4th, when the faery shop launches! Oh dear it's looming now...I'm stitching and stitching!


Bri said...

SO very excited, thank you so much again and again! :)!

dindi said...

Congrats Bri!!

RowanDeVoe said...

ooh, that piece is fantastic! can't wait to see what faeries finery you are working on!