Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seven wonderful things

Deb Holien has very kindly passed the kreativ blogger award onto me! I think this is the 3rd time now, and I did forget to post it the second time, so I've made the effort to post it this time around.

The rules are to list 7 things you love and then pass the award on to 7 "kreativ" people, but I don't like to do that so I'm just going to share 7 people with you all. That way we all win. :)

Seven things I love- for interests sake I've tried to pick 7 things I may not have mentioned before, because you need to know everything about me.

1. This short sketch by Stephen Fry. It makes me feel good every time I watch it. I adore Stephen.

(union flag rug by Vivienne Westwood)

2. The Union Jack, or the Union Flag, which ever you prefer. it's always been a favourite thing of mine, not just for what it invokes to me (Britain) but as a marvellous piece of design. It always looks fresh.

(image found long ago via Google.)

3. Things with skulls on them. it's been done to death (harhar) and I still love it. I prefer these medieval-style realistic ones to cartoony graphics though.

(The Gherkin)

4. The way ultra-modern buildings sit in ancient cities as if it's just landed from space. And I'm really looking forward to seeing this one in person when I go to the UK!

(image by Kat Bret.)

5. Steampunk. Something that's very quickly becoming mainstream, I've loved it since I was in High school ( a criminally long time ago) and I didn't know it's name. I prefer a nature-based occult leaning to my version- or WWII. There's something about WWII design that is rather sexy.

(image as result of Google search.)

6. Prince of Wales tea. (I'm pretty fond of the actual current Prince of Wales too!)

(image found via Google a long time ago.)

7. 1950s and 60s style Victorianism- there's something wonderful about the way the 60s illustrators took Victorianism's design essence and simplified it- the background in old Disney cartoons are a great example.

Seven wonderful people:

1. Spirit Cloth
2. The Rustic Victorian
3. Bohemian Hellhole
4. Lucy Harvey
5. The Snail and the Cyclops
6. Forest Bound
7. Haute Macabre

And an eight wonderful person, this man has bought and intends to renovate the cottage from Withnail and I! We need more ordinary heroes like this.

In studio news, I've been busy trying out new ways of doing things in my work. I'm ready to evolve again and have been feeling the wonderful feeling that is just creating for the sake of it- experimenting with different things and not concerning myself with how it turns out, rather thinking about the idea of it and letting everything take it's own direction.

I've completed some necklaces, one of which will be listed some time this week, the other will be kept for the new shop opening.

Yes, new shop. Details next update, I've done enough on this one!


Anonymous said...

If you ever need a UK guide, let me know. But I have to warn you, that building is not nearly as impressive in person (sorry to disappoint). But I hope you get over there soon. I've been nigh unto 12 times now and I never get sick of it.

greavesdesign said...

that was a great solution to the 7 favorites 'challenge'. I also don't like to pass around these requests although I don't mind doing them myself. (therefore when I was asked I'm afraid I ignored it)...

btw, if you have a chance take a look at my latest blog post... I have a feeling it might interest you!

Michaela Dawn said...

You always astound me dear Penny-Elizabeth...
and Stephen Fry is a beautiful riot! Thank you for sharing★

Crypt Stitch said...

Linked..."Posted today by the splendiferous Little Brown Sparrow, it made me laugh out a lovely, timeless, fluffy and moist kind of way..."

Wendy Georgeson said...

Wonderful choices for your list there. Steampunk is not as mainstream as it should be, maybe it`s reserved for conseurs only :P