Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the rain washed me clean

The one year Etsyversary is drawing closer, only 2 days left! I don't know if I'm going to get my 100 sales before then (only two to go!) but regardless of that, in honour of the occasion I shall be doing something special. I shall be having my first giveaway! It will be quite special, a piece of jewellery, some vintage paper scraps, fabric pieces...who knows. I haven't even made the decision what's going in it yet! But it will be something.

I've received two awards this week for which I thank the givers very much- I shall post with them when I have some time to sit down and choose others to send them along to.

I seem to be very busy lately, juggling custom orders and making stock not only for little brown sparrow but for the new shop as well, and faery things on top of that! I do get myself into these pickles...working hard, always pushing myself to do more than I know I'm capable of.

Is it a natural part of the artist's brain, to always want blood from our stone?

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Artefact said...

I do the same thing, pushing and pushing, and no matter how much is accomplished, never feeling like it's enough. Long after everyone's in bed, I sit at my desk, eating into the few precious hours I have before I head to my "real" job in the morning. I've wondered why it's never enough myself.