Monday, April 13, 2009

Mice and Men.

a finished brooch sits on the lid of a Regency period writing box found on ebay last week

Sometimes in order to keep my brain in the swing and not on overdrive, I make lists for myself- I call them battleplans, make detailed run-downs of what needs to be done, and set dates by which I mean to get things done. On the matter of Sparrow Salvage I have told myself (rather neatly) that I will start it up in the winter and in the meantime I will continue to plod away on Little Brown Sparrow.

'Plod' is the word I should've headed as the warning. It's not a word one uses when one enjoys something. Might I have said 'potter' or even 'merrily amble' I might have been safe. But plod came out instead, and this shows a very important thing.

I've stopped identifying with Little Brown Sparrow.

last years leaves in the backyard

I mentioned some time I ago that I've ceased to think of it in terms of a business name, but I didn't realise until the other night how much that has affected the larger whole. I don't put much energy into it, from the practical like listing items to the ethereal like thinking of it often, visualising it being successful etc. (I am a big believer in magic and energy control/visualisation, part of my paganism -which can wait for it's own entry!)

I am now preoccupied at my desk with either the Faery shop or the 'new' developments in my proper work, that is the Sparrow Salvage stuff.

I'm finding myself turning to the faery shop as a point of production rather than a therapeutic break. I keep thinking of things I could do for the shop, like watercolour prints (I draw as well, did I forget to tell you?) or shadow boxes or faery photography. The faery shop was initially supposed to be a sideline, something updated every now and then and not to put too much focus on. That's how it went on the battleplan.

Inspirational pile of ingredients on the studio table

Merle and I were talking recently about the path of art, and that sometimes we may think we're in charge but in actual fact -the art is! The way you see things, hear things, notice things...all that is in charge, you're just pulled along for the ride. I can't predict (or control) what art I make, when it will come to me, how it will express itself. All I can do is make it.

A bowl of unfinished 'proper' wrist cuffs sits in the corner of my desk and I have no interest in them. They've stopped becoming something I want to work on and instead are mouldering leftovers of an old skin, already shed and cast away. Most likely they'll be pulled apart and their elements used in other things, but for now I use their presence to remind me; what is left behind in our journey only serves to make our burdens lighter. The more you leave behind, the lighter your walk.

All this means, more importantly, that a shifting of shops is in motion, and Sparrow Salvage will commence to operate by the end of the week. I have already began to make pieces that are stripped back and more pure -some of them seen in my last post as works in progress; a finished brooch seen here. I'm looking forward to getting them out there in the world. Why let them sit sleeping in a box till winter, just because my plan said I would?


Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

So true... all you've said. I've found that no matter how hard I try to create something I think I should... (because maybe it will interest someone else best, or some such silliness), something inside me allows only the freedom to create art from the day's inspirational presentations around me.

I love your blog. Your creations and photos are wonderful.

RowanDeVoe said...

I love this brooch! Ugh, all of this does get confusing. Maybe there is a way to get all your art-all the pieces of you and what you love in one collection? That is what I have to do-I am the tangent queen! And, I am the post it queen-they are all over my house adn all over me, notes tucked in pockets, bags, down my bra-they turn up in the oddest places! They all hold the new and "best" ideas, still everything is always changing. I do know artists that stay on a very straight path and that is great for them, but for me, I just can't do it. I am truly "Boho Mess"-faeries, crowns, Jane Austen, bustles, granny boots, mermaids, old books, tins, leaves, mud, gold leaf-if I could ever figure out a name for all of this that would be nice, but for now it is just "Art by Merle".

I think having a schedule and a plan is good. I also think it is ok if you stray from a bit-give yourself some room for the art to its own thing!

And, stop by my blog for a wee award! Wishing you the best with all your projects-let them know they will all get their turn!
take care and let's ride on a tank! ha!

Bri said...

"(I am a big believer in magic and energy control/visualisation, part of my paganism -which can wait for it's own entry!)"

Me too, I look forward to that entry! :).

I love this post. When you truly step back what you "think you should" be doing and replace it with what really inspires you, that is when the real magic happens :). I look forward to all your new ideas!

dulcy said...

What a treat to stumble upon this blog! The brooch/crochet is simply gorgeous! Looking forward to discovering "what happens next..."


ArtSnark said...

Hope to see some of your drawings in the future :D

What a pleasant surprise to see you mention Merle - I've enjoyed her work over at Creative Souls

Pat said...

I love your "inspirational pile of ingredients!" Just the sort of thing that really gets me going also. I love finding them as much as using them. I saw your blog in Artful Blogging and just had so come visit. Fascinating!!! Pat

beth said...

you have such beautiful photos. i love your aesthetic. my inspiration often comes from piles of beads and where they land on my bead tray. nothing neat or orderly to my process. thanks for the inspiration.

disa said...

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