Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pure thoughts and stripping back

Trying to get to the bones of what I do, what I want. All thinking, all churning in my brain. Faeries pull at my mind, making this path seem all the more harder.

But this is a good thing. Some struggles are sweet for the strength they give.


sleeping poet said...

These amazing cuffs in the first photo... Are they works in progress? How stunning they are!

Jeannine said...

Yes, I understand. In my soul what you say resonates very deeply.

sleeping poet said...

Addendum: I did not mean to trivialize what is a very profound post... I was simply struck by the simple beauty of the cuffs. to respond to your thoughts: one of my writing teachers used to tell me to "kill your darlings". He meant that I should delete my favorite sentences and phrases becasue I would get so fond of them, that they prevented my writing from growing. I wish you the best in this period of growth as an artist. Also, I am a stranger but found you on etsy an was floored by what you do. I'm a follower now. My name is Sandra. :)


The Rustic Victorian said...

amazing...really,,,amazing...I can see you costuming for the big screen...the photos are so good too. I love visiting you and seeing the beauty of you.

RowanDeVoe said...

ooh, love these cuffs! and love the faerie art you are making! it is weird how things change but i also think it is good. i have a very different style for my paintings and monotypes now-i used to do very realistic work and then one day i sat down to do a painting and the painting that came out was completely different-it was very stylized. i was just DONE with what i had been doing and i felt had no say in the matter. every so often this happens and i have to deal with it-it is actually is good as it keeps things interesting.

one time i went to make a monotype and all of a sudden i realized i was making my first doll instead-whoah-who is in charge here? i am starting to realize it is not me more and more.

some folks will say, "can you make a painting like you did this one" or "i like it better when you did this like this". even better, my favourite printmaking prof has arthritis in her hands now and she can't do the detail work she used to so her pieces have changed but i love the new look of them. she could of totally quit, but she chose to carry on and go where her muse took her.

still, people will say, "i liked your old work better" and she will get kind of down knowing that even if she wanted to she can't do it. so i told her the next time it happened to tell the person, "and i liked you better when you had hair, knew when to shut up and yeah, that beer gut you have now isn't so attractive either". now we just laugh and laugh. life is weird! transitions are hard, but you are making so much good stuff! i want it all!

sleeping poet said...

Thanks for vising my blog. I am so happy to have come across your art. I left you a sort of shout-out tribute on mine. I hope you don't mind.


ArtSnark said...

Always a pleasure to stop by your world - always such intriguing thoughts & stunning photos

Jackie said...

These are so beautiful.